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I tried to search for this, but couldn’t find a post or an answer, although I have to believe that someone has asked this already: do routines not display on I can see rooms, scenes, SmartThings Apps, etc., but not Routines? Maybe they don’t display because they are only relevant for the SmartThings app on my phone?

I was checking on the web interface to see if it was easier to sort routines that way. I wish they had some sort of defined sort order, like alphabetical.


Yes, the Web UI leaves much to be desired…

I just recently noticed, at least with the Android SmartThings App, that there is an option to sort, via the three dot icon on the top right, when in the Automatons category. Allows to sort Scenes or Routines. Either custom, alphabetical, reverse alphabetical, or creation date.

I’m assuming it works, but I’ve not touched it, as I have mine sorting via Custom (holding and moving them manually).

Thanks for the info. I didn’t check recently to see if there’s a way to sort. I used to sort mine manually, but if I logged out, they got moved around. I had to get a new phone recently, so I knew that custom sorting wouldn’t work. Anyway, I just tried it, and it sorts just fine. Thanks again for the tip. I probably should have checked again, but once I went down the road of checking the web, it slipped my mind to re-check the app for an option. :laughing:

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well, I think it was literally just yesterday that I noticed it… I have no idea how long it has been an option.

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