Need the ability to re-order Routines in the app and in the iOS Notification Center widget

(James Van Booven) #1

Hello Home actions (now “Routines”) the SmartThings app are great, and I love that you can add them as widgets in the iOS Notification Center.

However, in both the SmartThings app and the iOS Notification Center, it’s extremely annoying to not be able to reorder them – they’re always alphabetical.

I want to be able to reorder them so I can put frequently-used items at the top of the list, and put items next to each other that logically make sense together, such as:

  • Arm, Arm (stay), Disarm
  • Open garage door, close garage door
  • All lights on, All lights off

Et cetera. Having these only ordered alphabetically is frustrating.

(The fish is still dead.) #2

It’s not a real solution, but you could always rename them to have a number in front of them. i.e. “1. Good Morning!”, “2. Good Night!”, “3. Where’s my Coffee?”, etc…

(Jim) #3

+1 for reorder…

(Tracy) #4

Could do some lame ordering based on renames (@btk suggested what I was actually thinking)

Arm (stay)
Arm undo
Garage door open
Garage door close
Lights all on
Lights all off

(Glen McGowan) #5

+1 as well for re-order. Treading thin ice with the wife.

(John) #6

+2. Reordering in the app and in the iOS widget would be wonderful!

As I add more and more the wife is also getting more annoyed. I understand numbering them is a way around but still…


Please add the ability to reorder routines!