Why does the new app not sort the list of devices in a picker?

I’m changing my STHM settings to match my SHM settings and I noticed this botch.

Why does the device picker in the new app not sort the list of devices!?

I can’t figure out the order the new app uses. When you have 50 contact sensors and want to unselect 6, this makes it impossible to find them.


This annoys the hell out of me. Some SmartApps/automations let you pick how to sort (automation creator), some don’t sort at all, some sort alphabetically, and some sort by room. There’s no uniformity.


Yeah, there’s no sorting done on lists of devices in many places in the new app. Extremely frustrating if you actually use the app and have lots of devices. Scrolling up and down to find the one device randomly located in a list of a hundred devices sucks.


Poor requirements collected during any planning session, lack of understanding how your app would be used by others, and lack of understanding of certain best practices.


Thought I’d go through the different sorting methods for devices I’ve found in the app:

  1. Choosable room, device A-Z or device Z-A. Room sorts by Home Screen order. Used by the device menu.
  2. Choosable room, device A-Z or device Z-A. Room sorts by alphabetical order. Used by the automation creator and scenes creator.
  3. Seemingly totally random. Used by STHM.
  4. alphabetical by device name. Used by SmartLighting.
  5. fixed homescreen room order and then devices with no divider for rooms. Used by History filter picker.
  6. fixed homescreen room order and then devices with room divider. Used by “bring devices from other room”.
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Of your list, (4) has been that way for 5+ years. The other 5 ways are variants all in the new app.

yup. I’m assuming Groovy apps don’t have access to the homescreen rooms order and things the other apps do, so I can let that slide. But 5 different sorting mechanisms created within one app is ridiculous.


This might have already been mentioned but there isnt any sorting when editing Scenes as well. It’s absolutely infuriating. They could at least be consistent across the app.

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I have 90 to 100 devices listed in some scenes (“Goodnight”, for example). They must implement sorting by name at the very least.


What the hell is going on?!?

Due to various life circumstances, I basically had to put a lot of my home automation stuff on hold for a while.

Is Samsung trying to kill off SmartThings by making it so horrible that the very people who have supported it for the longest just go away?

I thought for sure they’d have this kind of shit worked out by now.

What a fkng mess.