Folders for routines in SmartThings?

It would really help sorting things out if you could create “folders” where you could put your routines.


I know kind of asking for the moon, but ability to add labels to them would be good too. E.g. like we could do a category in Webcore before.

Not a perfect solution, but I have started prepending room names to my routines.

Yeah, same here but not ideal when you have bizillion routines.

Also, when viewing routines by going to the specific device, then Routines, the list of routines seems to appear in an arbitrary manner which is not alphabetical or based on creation date. I can’t figure out what the sequence is but it’s certainly not intuitive.


On the Automations page, select 3 dot in upper right corner, select sort, and use the drop downs to sort as you would like


I am referring to routines as displayed on the device pages though, as seen here. The sort filter you describes does not impact the Routine tab.

With a large number of routines the automations tab is not efficient. Instead I navigate to the device page that I know is related to the automation and then go to the routine tab to view all routines associated with that device.

I wonder why the routines tab dosen’t also have sort capability.


Try using the search function in routines you’ll be able to achieve good results with a little effort, I use it all the time

Thanks, I do that ocassion but depending on naming conventions and the number of automations, this is not efficient. Often other routines are pulled into the search because the name of the routine might contain part of the name of a device or vice versa.

I assume the developers recognized it would be more efficient to accces the device tile to then filter routines relevant to that device, which is part of the the current function of the app… Except that the sort order appears to be arbitrary.

@nayelyz can this be flagged as a bug? Or can you identify what sort order is being used… It seems… Random.

Hi, @sdbg
Can you contact Customer Support about this, please? They should be able to put this on the right track, our team handles more issues development/customization related.

They’re honestly clueless. Also it will take weeks and probably 20 emails, so I’ll have to decline. Just letting you know you have a bug, assuming anyone at Smartthings cares.

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You’ll more than likely get “Please uninstall and reinstall the app”. That seems to be their go to response for everything

@sdbg, ok, I’ll see who can help with that issue. It’s only the order in the routines where the device is present on the device’s page, right?

Correct… Ty