Routine trigger when I leave location

Location mode is working with my iPhone and I can trigger a routine when i arrive home. I can’t figure out how to trigger when I leave the location though. What am I missing? How do I say NOT at home?

When you say ‘location mode is working’ are you specifically talking about the ‘Location Mode’ you see in the app (particularly in Routines), the one which by default can be set to Home, Away or Night? I just want to make sure that you are aware that this isn’t something that gets set automatically without any action on your part. It is something you choose to set either manually or by creating an automation, such as a Routine, to do it. It is also a setting for the location as a whole, not just for you.

So how are you triggering a routine when you arrive home? Typically you give the app permission to get the phone location in the app settings and use Member Location to test for your phone being at your home location. So when leaving home you would test for being away from your home location.


I’m using the iphone app to trigger location. It works when I arrive home but I don’t think it’s triggering away when I leave. Is there a way to show location status (home, away mode) in the app?


Create a virtual presence sensor and sync it to your phone presence. The virtual presence sensor is displayed in the app so you can add it to your favorite screen if you choose.

The Location Mode (Home, Away, Night) is available in the app but is buried away (no one seems to know why). On Android you click on the home icon or Location name to give you access to Manage Locations and then drill down from there. It would be really handy to just do it with one click (or none) but the obvious place for it is occupied by the email address of the location owner (unless it is you, in which case you get a blank line). I believe it is similar on iOS.

However as I have said, this is not directly tied to your phone location. Unfortunately although there is a presence sensor device associated with your mobile phone, it is deliberately hidden from the app. Again no one has explained why. It certainly isn’t meeting any demand expressed on this forum ever. If the current location status were displayed on the Members page (buried in the vicinity of the Location Mode) for consistency with Member Location in Routines then OK, but it isn’t. @jkp has pointed you at a typical workaround.

I would expect routines to only be triggered by your phone presence changing between present and not present. So if you are getting reliable triggers on arrival at home (present) that tends to imply you were recognised as not present to start with.

Way back in 2015 the SmartThings app had a “Home and Family” section which showed presence for all household members. But they took that away in 2018, and it never came back. :disappointed_relieved: