Mobile presence sensor still triggering deleted routines

I’ve started using the modes for just one purpose and only need to have day and night modes being activated. I have deleted the goodbye and I’m back routines yet my iPhone still always changes the mode to away and home respectively.
I can not work out why this is. There is nowhere that I can see anything that can be doing this. The only thing I can think is that in deleting the two routines they somehow sit there working but invisible.

Anyone else seeing this?

I had this same thing happen to me at the end of September. As you suggest you might try, I ended up having to delete and rebuild the routines.

You might want to look back in in the IDE, under My Locations, then Notifications (or in the mobile app under Notifications) for some more detail (you may have to go through several entries).

If you have SHM enabled, you may see something like this:

SHM can set modes for the Location, as well as the arming state mode. Remember, those are different.

Could you have presence devices triggering anything in SHM, or through any other SmartApp that can set modes?

You could have a look in the IDE under ‘My Locations’ and then ‘SmartApps’ to see what you actually have running. Goodbye! and I’m Back! would appear under Hello Home with any active triggers for them appearing below them in the hierarchy.

I deleted SHM in IDE a while ago. I have tried reinstating the routines but to no avail. Will try reinstating SHM tonight as well and see what difference that makes.
No other SmartApps are looking at modes.

Goodbye and I’m back were deleted but I recreated them yesterday to see what would happen but still doing it.