Routine to play music through google home mini?

So here is what I am trying to do. I have setup a google home routine that whenever I say “it’s baby nap time” the google home mini in my daughters room plays a thunderstorm white noise track from YouTube music and turns the lights off in her room. I then has a routine to turn the lights on and stop casting the white noise to the home mini in her room whenever she wakes up. So here is my question. My wife is not really into the whole asking google to do shit so I would like to either trigger this routine with either a Smartthings button mounted right outrside her room, a virtual switch on the smartthings app, or just a smartthings routine that could do the same thing. Basically can I use a virtual switch and/or button to trigger a google home routine and if I can’t can I setup a routine in ST that can start the playback of something on this particular home mini??? Sorry for the lengthy post I’m just kind of stuck currently.