Help with an Alarm idea

Hi all, I’m after some assistance in setting up a kind of Alarm idea i have…

I’d like my phone to play a custom track if any of my door/window sensors are open when my “Goodnight” routine is enabled.

I know that the App notifies me every hour if it’s open with the “intrusion” alert, but i’d like it to play a custom mp3 on my phone instead (as i slept through all the notifications last time). I’m not really after any alternatives either, as this is pretty much the only option i have with my current setup.

I can’t think of a way to do this, so if anyone knows of a way, it’d be much appreciated!

could you use ifttt?

Probably could with Tasker or something like that.

Several here use a Aeon Doorbell device to do something similar, including myself. Using pre-recorded voice tracks, zones, doors, windows can all trigger a specific track to play on the doorbell device.

I haven’t seen a way to do this on iOS. I don’t have an android phone and you didn’t mention what type of phone you have. But if you use android, look into tasker and/or sharptools. I really don’t know much about them, and I don’t know if they can do what you’re asking, but these apps seem to allow for a lot more customization of how ST interacts with android.

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If you use Android, you could do this with Tasker and SharpTools. @joshua_lyon

I don’t think iOS is capable of doing this.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. Sorry i should have mentioned, yes i’ve an Android Phone. I did look into ifttt but i’d need two trigger commands (i.e. if Routine is Night AND sensor is open, then…).

I completely forgot about Tasker/Sharptools which thankfully i already own. I’ll have a look to see if I can whip something up in that. Cheers!

After a bit of thinking… I think I’ve managed to figure out a way to do this via ifttt after all.

I’ve created a virtual Switch device in Smartthings IDE which I’ve named “Alarm”, and used the Smart Lighting SmartApp to switch this On when any sensor is open, but only if the routine is set to Night (and obviously set it to switch off again when the sensors are closed).

I’ve then created an ifttt recipe to play a specific song on my Android if the virtual “Alarm” switch is switched on. Thanks all!