Routine to close garage door (genie) leave door open

I have a genie garage door which has Aladdin which integrates with Smartthings.
I set a routine (good night) to close the garage at night. Every morning the garage door is open. I look at the history and it shows first a close and then an open.
The only think I can think of is if it hit something …but there is nothing to hit and each time the routine calls closed… it seems to follow with an open.
Any ideas?

Have you looked through all your automations? Or use any other systems such as google home or Alexa?

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Check your automations if include presence, that might trigger an Open command, if not set correctly

The same thing happened to me. The problem is [in my opinion and experience] the integration with Aladdin - the status of the door does not update in Smartthings accurately. There is a very long latency and the status will either go back to the original state or unknown. I have used two workarounds that solved my issue [you could do either or both]: 1) create a virtual switch & automation the trigger the open/close and/or 2) use a contact sensor [set as "use on garage door] as tilt sensor & automation to trigger open/close. Bonus is that use can use the virtual switch in Alexa and not need a password. The direct integration [with Alexa] requires it to open with Aladdin.

Here is history. You can see at same time it runs a close and an open. The door stays open.

I hate to do it… but cant get it to work in the routine. I prefer it in the goodnight routine (nice clean-up routine). Instead … this automation looks like it might work.

Hate that I have to do it this way…but not good to wake up with your garage door wide open. Wish I knew why it does this with Genie Garage door.

I will be first to admit I dont fully understand the new smarthings interface. To me it has mostly gotten worse.
I came from wink and preferred their interface. I moved to smartthings and got used to that… but I still dont understand the new layout/working as well as I feel I should.
I fully expect part of it not working to be my fault…but I also think this should be easier. I dont understand why what should be easy doesnt work.

The automation that you are proposing is supposed to work, but it won’t 100% of the time. I went though this for several weeks when the official integration was released in January 2021. The problem is the state of the door in Smartthings. To increase the likelihood the the automation will function as you intend, you need to add more conditions to you if statement. Instead of just open, you need open, opening, closing, and unknown. Relying on the door status itself will lead to hit or miss results.

Sorry to hear you’ve had troubles with your Genie door.

I’d recommend setting up a simple Routine that closes it at a time in which you are awake to verify what is happening (Ex: 3:00PM today or something like that).

In your event history screenshot, that reads to me like it never was completely “Closed” and stopped halfway, 3/4 of the way, or something along those lines.

All we can do on the SmartThings side is tell it to “Close.” If it is not completely closing, not informing SmartThings it is “Closed,” or opening on its own that is definitely concerning, but I’m not sure from your description where SmartThings fits into that issue.

Definitely more than willing to help troubleshoot, let me know how the above goes.

My Genie Aladdin Connect mobile app shows door status is “Closed for 24 hours” but SmartThings always shows door status as “Closing…”. If I open the door manually, by Aladdin app, or by SmartThings, then both apps show correct status as “Open”. Seems to be a consistent problem where SmartThings shows status"Closing…" but never “Closed” when I close the door.

I’ll reach out via PM, I’d like to look into this for you. Sorry to hear that has been your experience.