MyQ Lite routine issues


I have a pretty basic SmartThings Classic routine that I cannot get to work. Hoping for a little nudge in the right direction. I have gotten the MyQ Lite SmartApp setup and configured. Thank you Jason, Brian, and Barry! STC recognizes my door and I am able to open and close the door manually. I have two Routines setup to open the door and close the door based on my geofence detected by my phone presence. The setups are:

Name: Close Sesame!
Turn off these lights or switches: All
Open or close garage doors: Close Garage Door
Change the mode to: Away
Automatically perform when: Everyone leaves w/ 0 min time delay

When I am about three doors down the street, I get the notice that the routine just executed. The Away is set, and lights are turned off, but the door does not close.

Name: Open Sesame!
Turn on these lights or switches: 2 lights
Set dimmer: 100%
Open or close garage doors: open Garage Door
Change mode to: Home
Automatically perform when: someone arrives w 0 min minimum away time

This routine does not fire at all and mode still shows Away from “Close Sesame!”. I had the min away minutes on Open Sesame! set to the default 10 min earlier today. It triggered fine with turning on the lights and setting mode to Home when I got home from work. But, the garage door did not open. I changed the away time to 0 min for testing right now because I did not want to stand on the street corner for 10 min, like a dumbass, at 3am to test it. Would that have anything to do with it not firing at all?

When using the new SmartThings App, all Automations work, but I cannot get the Garage to open/close with the new app Automations, correct? The Open/Close Sesame Routines are the only thing I am using the STC app for. Everything else is being done with the new app. Not sure if it matters, but I am using a SmartThings Hub v3 and I currently do not have a multipurpose sensor on the garage door for status.

Are you using presence sensors you set up in the classic app or location information from STSC?

The presence is detected by my phone location within the geofence. Do I need to set something up specifically in addition to track my location?

Ok, so you set up your routines in the Classic app which is correct. Did you set up your presence sensors in the Classic app?

You spoke of using the STSC app, if by chance you set up location services in it, that will not work for your routines in the Classic app.

The only thing I did in STC was install it and set the Routines. My phone was already listed and recognized in the app as something to base presence on. I guess from when I setup STSC? How do I set my phone as a specific presence sensor in STC? It is listed as a Thing in STC and registers as “present”. It shows I “Arrived” at 6:54pm today, when I got home from work, but does not reflect where I tested and was marked Away at 4am. I had to manually switch the STC mode to Home for my STSC Automations to start working again, but that is an issue another thread. :wink:

Stick with Classic, you can not use geolocation to unlock doors or open garage doors in STSC.

Did you use a separate tilt sensor when setting up the MyQ app or did you use the no sensor option?

The only reason why I have stuff set in STSC is last week when installing the v3 Hub it required me to use STSC in order to setup. I did not realize the STC would even work from that point on until I was playing with getting my garage door to work…well, sort of. The biggest difference I see so far between the two is that STSC seems to have more pre-canned functionality out of the box, where STC needs to be more reliant on user development for customizing it’s functionality. But, the custom development aspect is what got me interested in ST to begin with. I wonder if the highly tinker ability of the ST systems is why people seem to only get a handful of days of consistent days without issues before something goes wrong with their automations?

I currently do not have a sensor on the door as I am waiting for that to be delivered later this week. It is just a simple Thing which does not give me tilt position status.

I believe you may need the sensor… could be wrong.
It exposes/creates virtual switches for open and close which I then use for the automations… not the single open/close button.

I would as Bryan though in the MyQ thread… perhaps his no sensor still creates those somehow.

When I get the sensor, later this week, is there any special setup I need to do to configure it? Or do I just stick it to the door and set it as a Thing in STC? How do I associate it with the Garage Door in the MyQ Lite SmartApp?

I did not use his no sensor version as I had the sensor… I would ask Bryan about the change to the sensor version.
I believe it is a child app that creates these virtual switches/buttons which then are exposed to ST which you then chose for the automations.

After installed correctly you will see three momentary, virtual switches… 1 for ope, 1 for close and the other 1 which you currently see.

when creating those scenes you would use the close for leaving and the open for arriving.

without the sensor it really doesnt know if the door is open or close it just simulates/hooks a button press “virtually” from inside the garage. which may not work with arming

Just go to the MyQ app and go through the setup again and select sensor and save.

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And there ya go… simple enough to switch versions.

I kinda thought that might be the case because the Thing is listed as “MyQ Door (No Sensor)” with no apparent way to add the sensor after the fact. So, I just delete the Thing and set it up again when I have the sensor?

No, just add the new sensor to ST. Then open the MyQ app and go through the setup and select sensor. No need to remove the current garage door.

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Got it, thanks.

Update: Installed a ST multipurpose sensor in garage door mode and everything is working perfectly, now! Thank you!

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