Routine or Mode Dim Rate?

I currently have my lighting scenes setup to change based on Modes, and then I have routines that will change modes either based on time or presences. I would like to be able to change the dim rate when those modes or routines get invoked. IE. I have a home mode during the day, and then when it changes to my evening mode to change over a period of 15 minutes so it is not noticeable.

Is this possible?

I have a SmartApp that I am writing. I have this feature built into it but it is not tested. Want to give it a try? Right now it only works when you select the lights / dimmers under the dimmer setting.

Make sure you pick a switch as a trigger (make a virtual one if you are triggering from a routine).
Make sure you set the app to active, and the gradual dim settings towards the bottom.

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Thank you for the app! I was hoping that I could select all my dimmers, set modes/routines to activate when it changes to my evening mode, then dim over time but it does not seem to pick this up or work. Is there another way or am I doing this wrong? I am new to smart things but instead of having an instant change to each mode which is based on time or motion, I would like to to dim over time.

Any help is appreciated

You can quick browse the existing community created lighting smart apps and see if there something there you might like.

In particular, Mike Maxwell’s auto dimmer adjusts the light level based on Lux readings throughout the day, and is very popular.

Dimming Slowly serves a different purpose, but very gradually lowering the light level on a time schedule.

Anyway, there are a number of very creative smart apps there, and there might be something you can use. :sunglasses: