Routine Icons Changed

I knew I was probably going to regret changing all of my routine icons, yesterday I decided to update them and I noticed that today many have changed. It appears that the icons have reorganized/moved and some are duplicated and others are now missing
I’m on iOS is any one else seeing this behavior?

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I’m using the Android app which was updated yesterday but I don’t think the icons have changed for me.

Hers my list in case it helps:

Whilst there are a few differences for some reason, e.g. the very first icon, they seem essentially the same as yours.

That is what they looked like before, thanks for the image, if you look close at them there are many that have been duplicated over previous ones.

I saw this as well- it seems some are new, many I’d like don’t exist, and the offerings still seem to vary by device type, which limits their usefulness…

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All of my icons have returned to normal today.