What happened today? Icons in iOS app (Aug 2023)

Hi all,

Have a number of sensors which formerly had a temperature icon for their temperature functionality. They are using appropriate EDGE drivers for temperature and humidity (believe Zigbee). As of today, they show the icon for contact sensor and cannot be changed.

Anyone else?


It also appeared in my app in the morning. (Android 13)

All of icon that I have changed were reverted back to default icon.

I am not seeing a problem with temperature sensors, but many of my lights have changed to plugs which no option to change them back.

I am using a Pixel 6a phone running Android 13 and an Fire Tablet running Fire OS

This is a recurring issue. Sigh.

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My normal icons just came back.

Yep, icons are now back and can be edited again. Any idea what gives?

ST was probably making changes in the back end.