Routine for ID Lock

Is it possible to make a routine so that when I press/send impulses to a zwave/zigbee pill it opens my ID Lock?

Would like to add an impulse-switch on the 2nd floor to open door downstairs.

Welcome! :sunglasses:

Is it this Zwave lock?

I’m guessing “pill“ is a Google translate error and you meant “button“?

Except you can’t send messages to most buttons, so I’m confused. :thinking:

If indeed you have the zwave lock that I linked to, and you are using the Samsung SmartThings home automation platform (which is what this forum is for), then it should certainly be doable.

Which SmartThings/Aeotec hub are you using? And which country do you live in? The options for the solution will vary a little bit, depending on those answers.

Also, if you can link to the kind of “pill“ you were thinking of, that would also help.