How to trigger a z-wave signal from a 12 V impulse from an intercom

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Dear community,

I would like to reach the following feature:

1-) I have a TCP/IP Based intercom , which generates a 12 V signal to open a magnetic door lock to open the door ;
2-) I don’t have a magnetic door lock but a z-wave SCHLAGE connect camelot, which is connected to a smartthings device;

I would like to ask you what would be best device ( kind of relay), which would collect the 12 V impulse and transform it into a signal ( on wired network / Wifi or Z-wave) in order to instruct Smarttthings to open the door lock via z-wave ?

IS there any other solution ?

Thank you,

INTERCOM ( we clikc on push to open ) ==> 12 V DC impulse ===> ( Device ???) ==> instruct Smartthings hub 2 to unlock the door .

Thank you for gyour guidance,

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I would use a 12vdc relay, triggered by your 12v impulse. Then on the dry contact side of the relay wire a zwave dry contact sensor, like a gocontrol/linear door sensor, or a Aeotec Z-Wave Dry Contact Sensor. Then just use the rule machine smartapp or something similar to listen for the zwave closure and unlock the door lock. For 12v relays, I just get the generic ones from the local Autozone (car parts store.)

(Eric) #3

whatever signaling you use (I just thought a few coils around an iron core, close to a Smartsense multisensor, since I have few laying around now but no relays),

I would try to use SmartLighting smartapp in order to have at least a chance for local execution,

otherwise you are depending on internet and ST cloud to drive your door lock (that is too many loose links for my taste).

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Thank you for your rply . Taht is very good point indeed not to depend on Internet / Cloud , …Etc.

Is there anyway to send instructions to the Smartthings HUB 2 via Wifi locally say or cabled network ?