Roomba Triggering SmartThings Motion Sensor

We have a Roomba that runs daily. And every day it triggers motion on our SmartThings SmartSense Motion Sensor (and sets off the alarm if armed). I wouldn’t think it would tigger motion since it’s kind of like a pet moving around the floor.

Any suggestions on how to prevent this? Is there another motion sensor that works better for this?

You could set your smart home monitor to change to armed stay mode every day when your roomba is scheduled to be active.

Or there are a few z-wave motion sensors that have adjustable sensitivity.

I have a few by ecolink that are pretty good, they don’t really go off when any of my pets move around.

Positioning your motion sensors so they’re not really aimed at something very low to the floor can help too.


Did you find a way to solve this issue?

Did you try any of the things I suggested?