Motion and Lights Active

Hi All,

I recently got some light switches :smiley: and paired them up to my smartthings. I’ve got them turning on when motion is detected in a room. The problem is i have a few rooms where i don’t want them to turn on right away, but wait for motion to be detected for a minute or so before they go on.

Basically i have these dogs that like to run around the house, sometimes they run through a room then leave really quickly. I don’t want them turning the lights on all the time.

Is there anything like this currently or do i need to look into hacking something together?

The Ecolink “pet immune” zwave motion sensor is on the official list of Things That Work with SmartThings and is specifically designed to address this issue. Basically this and similar products ignore smaller size creatures, so their motion doesn’t trigger the sensor.

There may be code approaches as well, but just wanted to mention it’s a common enough problem that there are motion sensors designed for just this use case.

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Hmmm that’s interesting. maybe if i can’t come up with a fix for my current detector i’ll have to grab one of those.

Do you know offhand if those have temperature detection in them too? The one i’m using from PEQ does.

If you are looking for a solution to turn ON the light after X seconds or minute(s), after movement is detected, i could work on a solution for you!

Let me know if it is what you are looking for?

@sebirdman Are you using the PEQ motion sensors from best buy? I didn’t know they had temperature on those, what device type are you using for those?

Yes they are. Smartthings natively picks it up as these:!/products/smartsense-motion-sensor

as far as i can tell, the Bestbuy PEQ one’s are the exact same as the smartthings labeled ones.

Arno, i’m looking for something that turns ON the lgiht after X seconds OF MOTION. i don’t want it to turn on automatically after a little motion. I’m looking for more sustained motion.

It’s a bit of a challenge in SmartApps because the motion sensors tend to say “activity = true” for several seconds (?) before resetting to false.

This varies by model, but may be configurable. And still workable if you are willing to wait substantially long enough to get that “certainty” it is a human…