⚠ Room Limit - App vs my.smartthings

Hi All,

The app (Andriod) imposed room limit of 20 user created rooms plus the ‘no room assigned’ system room is not enforced in the Web GUI.

The Web GUI seems to have a greater (unknown - currently at 25) room limit. The additional rooms appear without issue in the App pages.

Has anyone else utilised this feature and is there a risk that it may cause problems in either the Hub or the App at some point?

And what is a realistic limit?

(@nayelyz ?)

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Which web GUI are you referring to? IDE or my.smartthings.com?

Apologies @jkp - my.smartthings.com, rooms (groups) are all present and correct in the IDE too though.

:warning: BEWARE - Don’t be tempted to create extra rooms…

At first all seemed well but after about an hour (+/-) devices are being randomly moved out of rooms and into ‘no room assigned’ leaving some rooms empty, others just depleted. I have also lost some moved devices from routines.

Although rooms and devices remain the routines in which they were used are either switched off or deleted… not a useful implementation in my.smartthings after all but a dangerous ‘feature’!

(Hub v2, Android app latest versions)


Sorry, I don’t have further info about the restriction. As this is something in the app non-development/customization related, please, contact SmartThings Customer Support.

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I believe this is only limited to 20 rooms on the Android app. I have had to resort to adding rooms on my iPad since I’m over the 20 room limit. I haven’t had any issues with devices moving on their own, though. I think I have 22 rooms (plus the no room assigned).