Add a Room

I can’t believe I couldn’t find anything on this by searching.

I have not added a Room in a long time. I am over what I recall being the max of 20. I think I added the last rooms by using the IDE.

Is there still a max? I cannot find a way to add rooms today.

I believe the limit is still 20. :thinking:

I know you can delete ROOMS through the community-created browser API plus, I don’t know if you can add new ones, but ask there

SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All

I use that browser and it doesn’t have an add option.

Yeah, not that.

It looks like you should be able to add it through

Just select the plus sign in the upper right.

Thanks JD. I always forget about that site.

Site goes unresponsive on me when I try to do the add. I’ll keep trying.

EDIT: Once the page load issue sorted itself out this worked. Thanks!

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At least on Android, there is an “Manage Rooms” page that is reachable via the room selection dropdown.

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Right but you can’t add a room there if you’re over 20 already.

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