Number of rooms?



A newbi to SmartThings Hub and hope that it will be an interesting and fun journey to convert my home from Fibaro HC2 to SmartThings Hub v3. Hardware is arriving at the end of the coming week.

Have a very basic question:
Are there a limitation to the numbers of room that you can create?

I have a two floor house and Z-Wave devices in more or less every room.

Upper floor: 9 rooms
Lower floor: 14 rooms
Garage : 2 rooms
Outside: 1 room

So a total of 26 rooms, is it possible to create that amount of rooms in one Single location?

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In the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app, there is a limit (20 I believe) when creating rooms but the work-around is you can use the Classic app to create any number of rooms and they will show up in the STSC app. There is no limit for rooms in the Classic app or at least I have not reached it.


Thanks for quick answer!

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I’m wondering if perhaps there actually IS a limit, and if I’ve reached it (I’m at 100; I use them for many different kinds of things that I’ve found, over time, that I need to keep track of, other than just ‘rooms’).

Can someone with authority please come in here and tell us the real limit, please?



  1. Are Rooms (i.e. Groups in the IDE) attached to the Hub, or the Location?

  2. Either way, is there any way to trick the system into letting us use more than the limited number of Rooms/Groups? i.e. If they are attached to the Hub, can Rooms/Groups of one hub be used by another hub?..etc

p.s. In the meantime, I wasn’t very far over the apparent 100 limit with my desired list. So, I was able to remove a number of entries that were less important to have as distinct entries to make room for the rest of the ones that I wanted for sure. Still would be nice to see this kind of stuff specifically, officially stated/listed somewhere, AND if this is a real limit, it would be nice to see if it could be changed. :slight_smile: