No room assigned

Hello all.
Today, on 2 occasions i found all my devices had moved to the No Room assigned category.

I put them all back, then all went over again some
time later

Anyone else seen this?

Update. This has deleted some routines and most routines that had a little house next to them indicating it was local. That has now gone

Yep, annoyingly I seemed to have triggered it by creating >20 rooms…

Reverting room numbers back to 20 has stabilised the ‘movement’.

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Hmmm. I have 15 rooms?!

If you haven’t already… you should contact ST support and report the issue. Click on Menu in ST app and tap on Contact us

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@jkp Would LOVE to report this to support (am in UK) but app link now just hands me off to Samsung website trying to sell me something and following to support from there (a very convoluted menu) gives me the option to chat (not something that’ll be productive), a singularly useless FAQ or the community…

Anyway my experience of ‘support’ from the past… If rebooting the hub or factory resetting the hub does not fix it they they are totally unable to help and seemingly unwilling to progress the issue beyond closing it after a few weeks of complete inaction.

Like I say just my experience, recent and historic, but ‘support’ do not deserve the title as it is the one thing they seem unable to do, this community however - superb, helpful and responsive !!

Just sayin’ & rant over… :joy:


I have to agree
In the past I cant fault the support ive had. They have always come through

Sadly These days, response is slow and generally not that helpful. They cant resolve things as quickly as the community and generally say to ask on here for advice.

Certainly when it comes to the Family Hub fridges. Smartthings support say contact the Appliance team, the appliance team laugh and say contact smartthings. I have in the past had to forward screenshots from both teams to one another in order for a reply.

I will post the question but it will likely be answered on here or be resolved before they can reply

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