SmartThing Room limitation

I notice that the latest ST app would only create up to 20 rooms, while the legacy app can keep going. I also notice that the room I create on the legacy side would show up on the new ST app. So I am a bit confuse. Is the limitation with the new app only in term of creation but still feature suppose the rooms that are there ? (e.g. 25 rooms)

Yes and yes. Limit of 20 when creating new rooms in the new app but it does see any existing rooms created from the Classic app. It is a feature many users request to have added back… the ability to add more than 20 rooms.


So I can add more room with the classic to get over the limitation, while it will have no impact on the new app right?

provided you haven’t updated the classic app to the latest version which would result in it knocking you out after a few seconds… then yes, you can add more rooms. Also, the classic app is only around for 2 more weeks after which time, it ceases.

Wow, thanks for the heads up. Would room about the 20 counts go away?