Room control and Osram White Tuning?

I have 3 Osram Lightify Tunable White bulbs in my kitchen and I want the to be able to turn on and off together. I set up an IFTTT to turn the ret on when one turns on, but there’s a significant delay. Is there a better way? I also want the color temperature of all the bulbs in my house to change at sunrise and sunset. IFTTT only supports turning off and on. Does anyone have custom code for this?

If you just want to group them to turn on and off together, see the following article in the community – created wiki.

Hopefully others will have suggestions for the temperature tuning.

I’ve done this but I was hoping there was a way to turn them on and off without creating a bunch of Routines for each action. If that’s the way it has to be done for now then I guess it is what it is until they improve the app.

I’m not sure if core has support for temperature tunable bulbs yet, but it may. If so, that might give you some more options.

If you haven’t used it before, core is a very sophisticated community created rules engine.

You can ask in the peer advice thread to see if the features you want are possible. ( A “piston” is what core calls an individual rule.)

If so, follow the installation instructions in the main thread.

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