OSRAM Tunable White Bulbs not changing color temperature

I have been using four tunable white Lightify bulbs the past several days and most recently added a RGBW Lightify bulb as well. I notice some time today I was no longer able to control color temperature of my tunable bulbs in ST. Changing the slider has no effect on the color temp at all and most of my lights were stuck on daylight from earlier this afternoon (using Circadian Daylight). I’ve tried resetting bulbs, resetting the hub, etc. Nothing seems to work. What is interesting though is if I change the device type handlers from the default “ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb” to “ZigBee RGBW Bulb” color temperature control works again. Of course now my bulbs think they are RGB also but since they are white only do not respond to RGB color commands. Really confused as to why all of a sudden the normal tunable white device type handler just can’t seem to control color temperature anymore. I submitted a support request to ST as well. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Just noticed my lights are having the same issue. Hope you hear back from smartthings support. Please post an update.

Same here - I can switch on / off, change brightness, but I can’t change the colour temp at all.

This change was released yesterday. It made changes to the ZigBee Bulb DTHs. Might be related.

Received a response from support, they are now looking into the issue. I will report back once I hear more.

Same issue here, looks like the problem started around 4pm central yesterday for me.

Just came back from being out of town and thought I had lost my mind. Spent an hour trying to fix things thinking it was something on my end before I found this thread. Hope this gets resolved quickly! My bulbs are stuck on soft white and I hate it.

fixed here

Here too, glad it was resolved so quickly!

Yep seems to be working here now as well.

Working fine now.
Back on daylight rather than horrible soft white.