Room A/C does not appear in Classic app (no hub)

Hey guys, I am super confused. I have just moved in to a new apartment that has 2 Samsung room A/Cs. I have no hub or anything like that, but I’ve been able to use the newer SmartThings app to set them up as they have inbuilt wifi. (why are there two apps… :/)

However, they are very slow to respond in that app, and the interface is generally clunky.

I noticed that Home Assistant today released integration with SmartThings, but it only works with the Classic app. So, I downloaded it and tried to set up the ACs there. I added the ‘smart home’ app from the marketplace inside the Classic app (ok, this is getting confusing…). When I try to scan for Room ACs using that, nothing is ever detected.

Do my ACs just not work with the Classic app at all?

Samsung Appliances are no longer supported with the Classic app.

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That’s my experencd too in the Samsung Connect app… hopefully it will be fixed before the old Smartthings app goes away.