Rookie question about GE Zigbee switch

( Matt) #1

So I got my 1st Zigbee switch that I want to install in a 4 way pattern. I understand the mechanics of how to install it but I was given some information I feel may have been inaccurate. If I install my 45856GE switch at the 1st stop from the breaker (master) do I need to install slave smart switch on the other 2 or can they be traditional light switches?

Hope this makes sense.


(Steve Jackson) #2

They need to be slaves.

( Matt) #3

Thats what I thought, Thanks!


And you want to make sure that the slaves are only connected to the traveler from the primary switch and neutral. No mains power!!

(Mamou La) #5

you already have a ge switch, so yes you need a slave switch.

in the future look at this switch.

(Steve Jackson) #6

For the price of the Inovelli I would probably buy that and use the GE in another location.


One thing to understand is that you cannot control the dimmer manually from the remote switches using the Inovelli, only on/off. Since most users don’t use switches manually, this may not be a concern.