4 way Smart Switch?

I am in the process of replacing all the switches in my house with Inovelli switches.

Their 4 way doesn’t work unless the line and load are in the same electrical box.

Does anyone know of a solution for this? It is kind of a drag that these are the only switches I can’t make smart.

I know there is a GE 4 way switch but it is unclear to me whether it will work in my application.

Below is how my 4 way is currently wired.


I don’t know of a workaround using Inovelli and two of the existing switches, but one thing that is handy about using the GE switch with its add-ons is that it frees up one of the conductors already wired between the switches. I took advantage of that in one scenario to “move” the line to the master switch location.

With the GE Switches, do they have scene control? They look almost identical to the Inovelli switch.

Also, if I got the GE dimmer for the master, do the slaves come in dimmers or are they regular switches that mirror the dimmer on the master?

I’ll have to leave the first question to someone else that might know. I think there is a custom DTH for the GE switches that allows some additional functionality but I am not sure and have no details.

Yes, an advantage to the add-on switch with GE is that you can do dimming from the other switches. With the Inovelli approach of using dumb switches for the add-ons, dimming is not currently possible. There have been rumors though.

I just want to make sure I understand correctly.

The add on switches work with both dimming and non dimming master switches?

In other words, there is only 1 model # for the add on (slave) switch that is used for both master dimmers and non-dimming master switches, correct?

From the Jasco website:

The GE Add-On Switch mirrors the functionality of the GE Smart Control with which it is paired. Unlike traditional lighting controls, all paired switches perform the same functions.

Same for every other smart switch.

You could’ve use an in-wall z-wave relay and keep all your switches and wiring the way they are.

I used a relay for a 2 pole switch (1 gang switch with 2 switches).

Which relay would I use for a 4 way?

Maybe, but as I noted above, this is easily solved if you are using the GE Master and Add-on switches. The add-ons only require neutral and traveler. So you just use the otherwise unused black wire to carry line on into the same box as the master.

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The 4-way thing is related to dumb switch configuration and wiring, I’m using a vision relay at the fixture I want to control. If the diagram you posted is what you have, you can easily use GE master with GE slaves (more expensive) and repurpose the wires. You have neutrals everywhere, use black wire to bring Line from first box to last one and use red for traveler between all switches. This will be the result

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Can I just use an Inovelli switch for the master and use the GE add on switches?

Wouldn’t the Inovelli work the same as the GE master?

Not sure but I don’t think so. GE slaves are spring return to center and control master by making a momentary contact between traveler and neutral. Dumb switches are maintaining their position (and contact). Inovelli switches, same like in-wall z-wave relays detect 120V AC being applied or removed and the master changes states accordingly.

GE aux switches will definitely not work. But Having the load and line in separate boxes is quite common, tagging @Eric_Inovelli for input.

Hey everyone,

Excellent questions!

@tuffloud1 – I wish we could do this and we’re working on a solution that will allow this, but unfortunately at this time, our switches can only be used with “dumb” switches for 3/4-way settings.

@ritchierich – Thanks for the tag – yeah, we haven’t come up with a solution for line/load in separate boxes for 4-way settings right now (only 3-Way). We’ll have a solution in probably late September, but we’re still working out a few things with the manufacturer.

However, I’m going to bring @TheSmartestHouse into this as last I read (was either here or on Reddit, I can’t remember) they were working on updating their Zooz switch to allow for this functionality (line/load in separate boxes in a 4-Way).

Have a great day!

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Thanks for tagging us @Eric_Inovelli. We’ll have the Zooz paddle switches updated to the new 3-way / 4-way solution which will allow connecting them in multi-point control set-ups even if line and load are in different boxes around late August. The toggle switches will be updated around late September. We’ll post here as soon as the switches are released. They’ll have new model numbers: ZEN26 for on/off and ZEN27 for dimmer. Feel free to get in touch with our support to get more details!

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@tuffloud1 sounds like Inovelli and Zooz will have solutions for you in the coming months. If you need a solution now the GE switches will work but requires 1 master and 2 auxiliary switches. This solution is obviously more expensive.

in the same kind of boat, the quandary is can you add a new wire and how much does it cost to do so if possible, or both GE and Leviton have current solutions that retrofit to the existing wiring without the need to add more. The aeotec nano as well however does not, it requires wiring for a 2+ switch configuration. If you’re doing it yourself that’s all your call, if you’re paying an electrician go with the existing solutions from GE or Leviton.

I ended up picking up the GE Smart Dimmer with 2 of the add on switches from Lowe’s.

Works perfectly and you can dim from the 2 add on switches. The blue LED indicator light on the master switch is slightly brighter than the Inovelli but still blue.

The Inovelli feels like a little better quality when pushed. The two different brands have a slightly different click sound when pushed. All in all, they look identical on the wall besides the slightly brighter indicator light.

Does anyone know if there is a DH for the GE to allow scenes when the physical switch is tapped multiple times? I applied the DH of the Inovelli dimmer to the GE and it worked for scenes only through the SmartThings Classic app but didn’t work for the physical switch.

this may be helpful, or not, I don’t use scenes or dimmers so I’m not going to read the whole thing.

Thanks for the link.

I tried this DH for the GE Dimmer and it is behaving strangely.

When the dimmer was turned off, it changes to off then reverts back to on in the classic app, even though the lights did turn off.

I tried the specific fix that someone mentioned in the thread and it didn’t change anything for me.

Maybe I’m not doing it correctly or there is new version of this DH that I’m not aware of.