GE Smart Switches - 4 Way

I have a 4 way switch with a mastrer GE Zigbee ZB3001 and two slave switches GE ZW2004. I have wires all the switches as see in the below pictures. My master and last slave switch work but my middle 4 connection switch doesn’t work (2 traveler wires). The lights turn on and off and work with my Alexa, but that middle switch doesn’t work at all. Please help! Thanks so much!!

I only see one pic, but your wiring should be like this:

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It might be a defective switch. Have you tried swapping the two slave switches?

On the first picture. I see one red wire going to load and the second red going to traveler. I see the red traveler wire is in the same romex as the black line wire.
I am assuming this romex is going to your 4 way switch box and you tied the black wires for line back to the master switch but the red wires is still a mystery. Double check your wiring. Is it the same as @Edward_Niedziejko picture?

Sorry for the confusion. Site wouldn’t let me upload more than 1 picture at a time at first. 3rd switch attached. I switched the slave switches and they are working. Also, no matter what configuration, even when I think I found that wire from the breaker box (white one in this picture, I think) and turn off the switch (all other wires go dead, except for the white ones). A bit confused on the configuration.

I am not totally clear but are you checking the white wire with a voltmeter? One probe on the white wire and the other probe on ground? If you get 110VAC then it’s not neutral or you have some wiring issue.
One thing to note is that you will get 110VAC on your traveler wires at all time regardless of the light is on or off when it’s connected to the smart traveler terminal of the GE master.

Looking at the link below. Do you think you can figure out your wiring config.?

Based on that diagram, that light is tied to the master.
What if the light is after the second slave? What do you with the load (black traveler) between switch 1 and 2, 2 and 3? Do you just tie the load straight through to the light bypassing the two slaves?