5 Way GE Z-Wave Switch Integration Problems

I have just started my home automation and tried doing this crazy 5 way switch for my outside driveway lights and spot lights. This install consisted of 1 master and 3 slave switches. After the installation everything was working except one of the slave switches was not turning off. After a lot of trouble shooting I found that the switch had power on the neutral. So i pulled everything out and started tracing it down. I believe I found the problem which was a hidden 2 cable wire which I believe goes to the load. At this point I have been staring at the wiring so much I just sat down and made a diagram. I wanted to ask if anyone saw an easy fix in the diagrams.

Actually was pretty easy when I got to look at it on paper this morning. Everything is working properly. If it helps anyone in the future here is the final diagram.


WOW!!! Great diagram. With a spreadsheet?!? Great followup. Sometimes things get better in the morning, and pictures say what paragraphs cannot.

For the Z-wave dimmer, does it matter where you put the master/primary? I have a config where the line comes in on one end, thru the first switch, thru a second (4way), thru a third and then to the load. I am hoping to put the GE dimmer as the last (load) switch. I’m thinking that I can run the line straight through the other switches by bundling the line in the first two switches, and then running the traveler from the primary back to the first two. I will have the neutral connect to each switch on the way in… Thoughts?

Yes you can do that. Your thoughts look to be correct to me.

Dude, you are my savior! I have been agonizing over replacing old 3 & 4 way switches with the GE Jasco. The differences in the wiring were confusing me, and I thought I was gonna have to call an electrician. Once I stumbled across your diagram, it seemed possible. Hooked it up the way you diagrammed it, and it worked perfect from the start! I am very grateful!

Impressive diagram and a very helpful one too. Thank you! GE need to do better with their instruction. At lease so an example of 4 Way switch integration.