Rogers (Canada) Weiser Smartcode 10 (Model:450201) Lock / Works with SmartThings

I wanted to share a success story regarding reusing the smart lock I received from Rogers (Canada) Smart Home Monitoring. I didn’t like how limited the lock functionality was when connected the Rogers Smart Home monitoring so I played around with it and managed to get it connected to SmartThings. The lock website states that it is Z-Wave and Zigbee compatible so I started my quest and will share my findings.

Services available for the lock when connected to SmartThings:

  • Battery status
  • Lock/Unlock functionality
  • Lock/Unlock status reporting for use with Automation

[REF 1] Lock Manufacturer Website:

[REF 2] Manufacturer’s Instruction manual

[REF 3] Manufacturer’s installation guide

[REF 4] Instruction Manual from Rogers. This is where I found the instructions on how to pair the lock “with the Rogers provided Smart Home Monitoring Tablet”. The same instructions worked for connecting it to SmartThings:

Steps I followed to prepare the lock and pair it with SmartThings:

  1. I factory reset the lock by following the manufacturer’s instructions [REF 2]
  • Remove the battery pack from the lock
  • Press and HOLD the Program button while reinserting the battery pack. Keep holding the button for 30 seconds until the status LED flashes red.
  • Press the Program button once more. When the LED flashes green, the lock has been reset.
  • Follow STEP 21-24 of [REF 3] to re-calibrate the lock and program your PIN
  1. Pair with SmartThings [found information on how to put the lock into pairing mode by following [REF 4] "Pairing the Smart Door Lock with your Touchpad”]
  • Open the SmartThings app and “Add new thing”
  • While it is searching for things press the “A” button on the lock four (4) times until the LED blinks Red/Amber.
  • Note: I had to perform the “Press A four times” sequence a few times for the lock to finally appear in the SmartThings App as a “Kwikset Lock”.
  • Note: The lock appears in the SmartThings as a “Kwikset Lock”
  • Proceed as you would when adding any other device to SmartThings

I hope this helps someone else! Enjoy.


Thanks for the info… was able to get it working successfully… I only wonder why it show’s as a cloud device??? Also fro anyone wishing to know more information, you can grab the smart lock app from the marketplace (old smartthings app) and you can manage your door lock codes remotely. This is a big upgrade from the Rogers app as you were unable to add codes from the app. Also, I was able to receive push notifications through the smart home monitor app when my door lock unlocks! (BTW same instructions… for the Smart Code 10 Touch lock)

Mine detects it as Kwikset 910 but after adding it just unlocks and each time I try to lock it goes back to unlock again!

Any idea if it can connect directly to phone without any sort of a hub?


Thank you so much for this… love that I was able to reuse one of my Rogers devices.

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Do you know if there is a way to control it through google assistant ?

@reboot, any luck with Rogers motion sensor, CO sensor or water leak sensor? I just terminated my Rogers shm, and wondering if I can reuse these sensors at all.

Hey… I was never able to use any of the other rogers gear… did anyone try this with the Weiser Premis? I believe it is zigbee as well

I also have the Rogers Weiser door lock but cannot seem to pair it with the SmartThings app. I do not have a hun though. Don’t understand why the Rogers Smart Home Monitoring keeps finding the device without the need of the hub but my smart things app on iPhone cannot find the device. I click on “Scan Nearby” and have pressed “A” on Weiser smart lock four times but still can’t find the device. Any help would be greatly appreciated.