Darlite (Kickstarter) (sonos)

So. Is it just me, or does this need to happen? Personally, I’ve been looking for a way to play any music I’m listening to in any way through sonos. Darlite does this. At this point, the funding goal is looking like it isn’t going to be met, which isn’t surprising considering how unrealistic it is. I do think that a lot of people here would be interested, and am hoping that by some stroke of luck, Darlite gets funded. I’m trying to put pressure on the darlite people to integrate directly with smartthings and other smart home systems. Automatic grouping and ungrouping of zones, better control over the alarm function of sonos, easy fading in paired with lights for alarms, access to ALL of the sonos music services and personal music libraries from within smartthings rather than just favorites; these are all things that would be great. I’m just saying.

If this were doable, Sonos would be doing it already. I predict this never comes to market as currently described. I definitely wouldn’t back it on kickstarter; there’s obviously a huge market demand for this, so if somebody can make it work you’re going to be able to order it from Amazon. :wink:

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Well technically, using the line in port, there is nothing sonos could do to stop it. Just lay there and take it. If the darlite was bluetooth/airplay/whatever capable, then sonos would play whatever was coming in.

You won’t get the same audio quality via the line in vs Sonos app.