RIP WU (sleep well)


thanks for the reminder. Are there any other integration options?

Does anyone know of a current zigbee HA 1.2 sensor with Temperature and Humidity,
with a big battery like CR2 (not coin cell)? The obsolete SmartSense Temp+Humidity from 3 years ago has been perfect, but I only have 1 which will probably stay in the ductwork.

Interior style is fine, I expect it can be weatherproofed in any case.

Does this mean the ST weather tile will stop working or are we covered because ST is making the call for us?

That’s a good question. Maybe smartthings=>WU is a B to B.

For those of us wanting to use our own personal weather stations this stinks.

I have looked and the SmartSense temp/humidity was the main ZigBee one. No idea why they stopped making them…I have 5 throughout the house and they work great. One in the fridge, a couple in bathrooms, and one in a basement storage room. There is the AeoTec multi sensor but its Z-Wave. The other option is ST_Anything or Konnected with a little temperature probe…that’s what I have in my garage and it works well (personally I use both but this one is connected to a ESP32 running ST_Anything):


Think entire setup cost me less then $20 ($13 ESP32 and a $6 sensor?)

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I put mine outside in a mini-zip bag and it works pretty fine.

I use the zooz 6in1 and with 2 AAA batteries, last more than one year.

it’s zwave, looking for zigbee, but good to know - maybe I’ll have to switch.

it does look like ST is making the call, we don’t know if ST has a license that will persist.

It would be a good idea to have a plan-B , since I want to log outside temp+ .

But the ST device is really nicer with calculated lux and weather.

As the Webcore folks told me, the accuweather ST smartapp is functional…

I reworked my pistons to use it.

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