Weather Underground integration wedged


Something happened in the last 3 weeks with my integration with weather underground via A better weather tile 1.1. It’s been working for month if not years, but either Samsung’s migrating me to the new backend, or the fact that my PWS ran out of batteries, has completele wedged my device.

I’ve got the PWS back online and it’s reporting to WU, but the status of my device in the new samsung app is stuck at “checking status”.

I believe I was able to delete the device but even when I create a new device using Smart Weather Station Tile 2.0, I can’t configure it. I’m just stuck at “checking status” again.

This effig blows. Used to work. Samsung broke it. How the hell do you even see the whole tile in this stupid new app?

Any ideas? Thx.

wedged - that’s a new one

the new phone app does not support all (or any of?) the custom device types of the old phone app. Did you try the old phone app “… Classic” ?

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