Lowes website

try this ^^

thx- there was a google doc a while ago but that seems to be offline. I will spend some time with this.

It’s something like a Luhn Algorithm I think

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Yep, last digit is a CRC. Cycle it from 0 through 9 for any given code (set the other random digits and then play with the last)


AWESOME! That’s the $15 off $50 code, anyone know the algorithm for the 10% off?

It should be easy to whip up a script that automagically calculates the CRC.

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S. Arlington Lowes had 7 battery Nest Protects for $49.50. I bought 3 over the phone so there should be 4 left.

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Are they delivering to you or are you local?

even if they are not delivering, trying their customer support works sometimes. They call the store and place an order for shipping

They’re all gone.

There 5 stores listing them for $69.30. Not as good of a deal but if you only need one you can use a $15 of $50 to drop it to $54.30 so it’ll be close. Macon, GA reports 7 in inventory at that price. Or you could try waiting and see if the other locations drop. The S. Arlington had them for $69.30 on Wednesday night so they dropped yesterday at some point.

Ge add on rockers 8.80 with shipping lake Wales fl


Thanks, in for 6.

anyone got the generator working?

I’ve gotten it to work by using this formula in Excel:


Copy and paste this into any cell in Excel and it will generate a code for you, however, the last number will need to be modified. If, for example, the code you get is this:


you will have to replace the last digit (3 in this case) with all digits 0 through 9 and only one of those combinations will be a valid code. It’s a bit of time intensive process but I have gotten it to work. I have found that several codes I’ve come up using this method have already been used so I have to start over with a new code.

To get Excel to calculate a new code for you click on the cell with your formula in it, hit F2 and enter on your keyboard. This will force a recalculation of the random number generator.

Would love to hear if someone knows how to determine which digit to use at the end without having to cycle through up to 10 codes.


thanks but still not having luck. is this for 15 off 50?

Yes, this is for the 15 off 50. I had success with my method right after I posted it.

any chance you can share aa spare one via PM? I bee trying for like 30 min with no success :frowning:

I have a 10 off 50, if you want one of those

please! you are awesome