Ring Video Doorbell

You’re right. I told you totally wrong for steps 4-6. It should say to create a Smart Lighting rule instead of a routine.That will allow you turn on lights triggered by the virtual switch AND let you restrict it by mode. I’ve edited it now - sorry about that. Originally I tried setting it up as a routine and ran into your same issues before realizing Smart Lighting gets it done.

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In the event someone like me (aka second day using ST) comes along, can you confirm the appropriate way to access Smart Lighting is to go into the app, go to marketplace, smartapps tab, lights and switches, and then Smart Lights and create the setup there?

Yep, and you just need to do it that way the first time. After that, you can find Smart Lighting under your main SmartApps listing and can add as many others as you like.

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[quote=“ady624, post:58, topic:28977, full:true”]
In CoRE, using IFTTT’s Maker channel:

   IFTTT event 'ring' was executed
   Porch Light switch is off <<< this ensures the light is only turned on, wait, off IF it was already off at ring time
   (as required, aditional conditions like time of day etc.)
   Using Porch Light...
      > Turn on
      > Wait 2 minutes
      > Turn off

See more info on how to use the Maker channel and listen for the event in CoRE here.
[/quote]For anyone interested- I just did this, and it works great. When there is motion at my ring doorbell at night, my outside and inside lights turn on, and after 5 mins, turn off. Couldn’t be happier with it.

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Sorry for my ignorance, as I’m new to ST (and especially core), but what’s the difference between using CoRE to automate turning on the porch light, etc in the event of Ring detecting motion or the doorbell vs directly using the Ring/Smartthings IFTTT channel and adding a recipe that has ST turn on the porch light when motion is detected or when someone rings?

CoRE can do quite a lot and you can add extremely complex rules. I’m sure @ady624 can explain the details better than I since he created it, but I think CoRE might also have lower latency vs an IFTTT connection to Ring connection to ST. But that’s way out of my knowledge area.

I did a simple write up about CoRE here if you just want some basic info.

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CoRe and Smartthings cannot see the status from Ring. It has to go through IFTT.

The flow is:

Ring Detects motions -> Notifies IFTT -> IFTT sends the command to Turn on Lights to ST -> ST turns on lights.

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I’ve been doing it through IFTTT via a virtual switch and CoRe detecting that but it looks like I’m adding an unnecessary extra middle man! Will look into CoRe and IFTTT directly, thank you!

Cannot wait for official Ringtegration! The less middle men the better…


Almost bit the bullet on this today a few times but the lack of live viewing on battery is the deciding factor for me at the moment. Sure, live viewing will kill the battery, but shouldn’t that be my choice? There’s clearly no reason why it couldn’t work and they could have it disabled by default, but why not at least give me the option?
I dont have power to our front door so running a wire isn’t really feasible :frowning:

Where are you following the updates for official Ring reintegration? Thanks.

The Ring Doorbell has just entered Certification! Barring any critical defects, you should see the integration available in the coming weeks.


Nice , been waiting for this. It should work with both models?

Chris, that’s awesome. Looking forward!

Awesome! Can’t wait to check it out.

Yes! It’ll work with both models.


Thanks for chiming in Chris! Been waiting for this for a LOOOOOONG time. Can finally get rid of the IFTTT middle man.

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Does it mean we will also be able to see the live video footage (Ring Pro - hardwired) from the SmartThings app?

Perfect, both models support live view If Its hardwired? Right?

Excellent. I just ordered a Ring Pro…without even knowing about this…so this is a nice bonus.

Is this only the doorbells or does it include the Ring cameras?