Auto show video on tablet on front-door motion

Hi all,

I am pretty new to home automation. I recently purchased Arlo Pro2
I need some suggestions from the experts here, on how to implement this idea:

  1. Motion detected on front door arlo camera.
  2. The video feed from the cam auto-pops up on the Android tablet.

I have a kindle fire tab 10th ed which I am using for home automation,
I have some basic familiarity with WebCore/Tasker/Smarthings ecosystem.
But I want the simplest possible way to implement this.
Any help is deeply appreciated


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Many folks using the Ring Doorbell with ActionTiles use the Android Automateit phone app for this function. Iā€™m not sure it will work with the Arlo but you never know.

If you have sideloaded the Google Play Store onto the Kindle you should be good to go by installing the Automateit app

You will need two rules assuming you are using Fully Browser, if not restart whatever you want after a minute.

  1. Notifiation Trigger ā€“ Restart Fully in 1 minute
    Notification posted by Ring and title contains ring
    Start application (Fully kiosk Bowser)
    delay 1.0 minutes

  2. Notification Trigger ā€“ Start Ring
    Notification posted by Ring and title contains ring
    Start Application (ring)

Change out the Ring for the Arlo and hope it works.


Thanks I will try this.