Ring stick battery camera - Live streaming not available in DT APP

Hi all!
I’ve just bought the new camera (Ring stick up camera) and integrated it in ST. Nevertheless live video is not available in ST (See pic attached). Does anybody have idea of the problem? Thanks in advance

I have the same issue.

Try putting your stick up camera into a camera group. If it is your only camera you can create a virtual camera to make the group.

If you don’t find a camera group option in the mobile app, you can use the API Browser+ to make a camera group

Doesn’t list as a possible camera for the group.

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Confirmed, also in my ST Ring stick up camera doesn’t appear in the list of camera to include in the group…

Apple or Android devices ?

Android for me.

Android also for me

Annoying, i know there are oddities with Apple streaming but Android is pretty good, no idea if it is related but recently ST have done some maintenance to the video side of things, i am wandering if your issues are related

@nayelyz or @AlejandroPadilla may be able to chip in for ideas

Just noticed that Ring stick up camera is not in my list of supported Ring devices

There is an option to connect your Ring account with ST

If you are connecting your cameras directly with ST with the search for nearby devices option try the Ring account linking with ST

It should also be noted Ring camera integratiion has been problematic in the past, if you search the site you may find more posts with issues