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Ring Spotlight Camera not discoverable in Smartthings

(Big Hoss) #21

Okay I get it, you want to use the siren fuction of the spotlight camera as a siren from within Smart Home Monitor thus a SHM alarm would trigger the siren.

I am trying to do the same thing using ADT Tools 2.

So far, I am getting nothing. The siren does not show up.

Like I mentioned above though, the battery / solar models of the cameras are not on the supported list, the wired versions are, although support seems awfully limited. Only about 18.5% of the listed features for the devices actually work in SmartThings…


Funny how the battery operated Ring Food light is listed as a compatible device yet it isn’t.

(Jimmy) #23

There’s no such thing as a battery powered ring floodlight.

(Big Hoss) #24

The Ring Floodlight camera is hard wired to an electrical box. No battery at all…

Re check the works with smart things and filter by cameras and ring and you will see that there are no battery powered devices except for the ring video doorbell that are supported


Sorry, I live to be confused. The Spotlight is what I meant to say and that is not listed as compatible.

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(Big Hoss) #26

That’s quite alright. Yeah the battery powered spotlight cams are not supported. Mind you not all of the function of the mains powered cameras are supported either only a small fraction of the features.

(Todd Wackford) #27

Spotlight looks good now.

(Jimmy) #28

@twack for those of us that don’t have the device, what was changed?

(Todd Wackford) #29

You are now able to add the Spotlight Battery Powered device.

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(Jimmy) #30

Ah, cool! Same capabilities as the wired version?

(Big Hoss) #31

Spotlight cameras importing video now… floodlight has video of sorts but its messed up

(Mike) #32

Added spotlight cam battery but not getting video. Also, the battery model wasn’t an option in the list of supported cams

I discovered the video works in the classic app, sometimes, but does not work in the new app. I added the cameras via the new app and both showed up as spotlight cam battery. When adding the cameras via the classic app, you cannot change the device type to any other spotlight cam. Only floodlight cam and doorbell cam show up in the list. Changing does not help functionality in either app.

(Big Hoss) #34

@twack I am guessing that SmartThings team is working on fixing the factory built in DTH for the Ring cameras. Does this mean that perhaps native control of the siren for the spotlight, and floodlight cameras isn’t too far down the road?

(Mike) #35

Are you getting video streams in the new app from spotlight cam battery?

(Big Hoss) #36

I am using spotlight camera wired.

(Big Hoss) #37

Ring floodlight camera view.