Ring Spotlight Cam (wired) to SmartThings

I am new to SmartThings (coming from Wink), and I cannot get my Ring Spotlight Cam (wired) to show up. I have other Ring devices (floodlight cams and doorbell), and they come in fine. Any ideas?

I just bought one on Amazon and have the same problem. The Samsung support page here - https://www.smartthings.com/gb/products/ring-spotlight-cam-wired - mentions the model is 8SH1P7 but sticker on the back of my camera says 8SH2P7 (Searching Amazon for 8SH2P7 gets me to the page I bought the camera from) As @JDRoberts always says, model number matters

I guess, given that the 8SH1P7 is supported, it needs Ring to change their integration to include 8SH2P7 though. I’m not sure I have the patience to try to get that through to support though :wink: I think I might just return it…

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Unfortunately, not all Ring models work with SmartThings. See the following thread:

2020 Rundown: Ring Products and new V3 App?

Just hooked up my newest Ring cameras. I can confirm that the “new” Spotlight Cam (Mount) is not being recognized by ST either. As I mentioned before, I already have a Spotlight Cam connected in the garage, so this must be something new. I attempted to connect using Classic app also (I believe this is how I set up my existing one), but no go there either. I cannot find a model number anywhere on this camera or on the box. And it did not come with a QR code like the others (all floodlights) did.

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same problem here… I just added a new SLM and its not coming up on my ST APP as an available camera. I have logged out of the ring account within ST, logged back in and the cam does not come up, however, I have 3 others that can be seen and used.

Don’t know if it will do the job, I read about using IFTTT to connect Ring devices to SmartThings.

Make a Ring account for your Ring device, add the IFTTT automation to SmartThings and try the following applet:

“If motion detected, turn-on light for 10 minutes”

Ring - SmartThings - IFTTT

Post the result here.

I have this issue. SmartThings have said that an update is expected in May that will allow integration of all Ring Products. So far that is the date and it looks on track. Fingers crossed its only a few weeks away

SmartThings have now completed the update and all Ring products should now work

At some point I lost the ability to control the Light on my Floodlight Cam from SmartThings. I’m going to blame this magical update that added all functionality…

I had an automation that relied on SmartThings ability to control the light so now I’m stuck. There was a previous DTH that would work but isn’t compatible with 2FA on the ring side and I can’t seem to turn that off on Ring either.

same here. It happened to me too. Because the new update I had a gocontrol scene controller to control the on/off light on the floodlight but now it doesn’t work.

Same here. Smartthings does not recognize the lights portion of the ring cam as a separate device anymore. Making my automation out of whack. I believe it has to do with Ring update for this happened after my ring update and before smartthings update. I also noticed that on ring app, you can now set the light from certain cam to turn on if motion was detected on another cam. More like what I was doing with my smartthings.

I ended up using Home Assistant for the automation and it works great. Still have control of the light that way.

@garrett.kranz given that you first let me know of the new ST/Ring integration.
Could you take a look to see how we get control of the lights back? Seems there is no option to.

I emailed both Ring and SmartThings support regarding loosing light control of my cameras.

Summary from my communications with both support services:
Ring said they are aware of the issue but that they do not officially support SmartThings integration.

SmartThings said they are aware of the issue but are only able to integrate what Ring allows so if they (Ring) removed the feature, there is nothing they can do.

I don’t see getting light control back any time soon (if ever).

Ring sells their own smart light products these days. They probably figured it’s more favorable to remove light automation and access to 3rd party products.