Ring Spotlight Cam (wired) to SmartThings

I am new to SmartThings (coming from Wink), and I cannot get my Ring Spotlight Cam (wired) to show up. I have other Ring devices (floodlight cams and doorbell), and they come in fine. Any ideas?

I just bought one on Amazon and have the same problem. The Samsung support page here - https://www.smartthings.com/gb/products/ring-spotlight-cam-wired - mentions the model is 8SH1P7 but sticker on the back of my camera says 8SH2P7 (Searching Amazon for 8SH2P7 gets me to the page I bought the camera from) As @JDRoberts always says, model number matters

I guess, given that the 8SH1P7 is supported, it needs Ring to change their integration to include 8SH2P7 though. I’m not sure I have the patience to try to get that through to support though :wink: I think I might just return it…

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Unfortunately, not all Ring models work with SmartThings. See the following thread:

2020 Rundown: Ring Products and new V3 App?

Just hooked up my newest Ring cameras. I can confirm that the “new” Spotlight Cam (Mount) is not being recognized by ST either. As I mentioned before, I already have a Spotlight Cam connected in the garage, so this must be something new. I attempted to connect using Classic app also (I believe this is how I set up my existing one), but no go there either. I cannot find a model number anywhere on this camera or on the box. And it did not come with a QR code like the others (all floodlights) did.

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same problem here… I just added a new SLM and its not coming up on my ST APP as an available camera. I have logged out of the ring account within ST, logged back in and the cam does not come up, however, I have 3 others that can be seen and used.

Don’t know if it will do the job, I read about using IFTTT to connect Ring devices to SmartThings.

Make a Ring account for your Ring device, add the IFTTT automation to SmartThings and try the following applet:

“If motion detected, turn-on light for 10 minutes”

Ring - SmartThings - IFTTT

Post the result here.