Which Ring Devices work with SmartThings through the new V3 app? (Nov 2019)

Lots and lots of Ring devices on the Black Friday sales, and I know there are some official integrations, but I also know that some models don’t work with smartthings. And to be honest, I’ve gotten really confused about which specific generations of which specific models do work and don’t work. :thinking:

(Now that the newest version of the smartthings app does have decent voiceover navigation, i’m looking to use it more, but I haven’t bought any ring video or lighting devices yet.)

If you have any of these devices working with smartthings with the new app, could you let us know? Or if you know of some that definitely don’t work.

Please be very specific as to the model and generation. Ring tends to just keep reusing the same name over and over again and doesn’t seem to always list precise model numbers even on their own site, which can make it confusing.

For my part, I have modified my disclaimer in the BF thread…

:point_right: disclaimer. I post Smart Home products that are listed in the merchant’s Black Friday ads. It is up to the individual looking at any posts to compare, validate the prices shown and verify the products work with ST. :slight_smile:

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You bet, once I get it… ST halted deploying the new app on Android due to problems found after the initial release.

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AFAIK, none of Ring’s V2 models of their products work with SmartThings, including the floodlight cam. What makes it especially confusing is there is no way for a person to tell what they’re ordering since the V1 and V2 are the same SKU at retail.

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I have 4 Ring Spotlight Battery cams and 1 Doorbell 2. I don’t know if the Spotlight cams are v1 or v2 but they all work in ST apps. The old app allows me to see video from the devices. The new Samsung Smartthings app does not. Motion is detected in both apps and I can control the lights on the camera. However, These lights do not work as separate ST controllable lights from what I can tell. Not fully tested.

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Urk! :thinking: I was looking at the Ring 2 doorbells, too. Looks like I need to double-check before placing any orders. Thanks for the heads-up.

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I can see live video in the new app

Cool. :sunglasses: Which model Ring?

Doorbell 2, with PRO dth


The Ring Doorbell does show video. I was talking about the Ring Spotlight Battery. Those do not show video in the new app when selecting the device.

It works sporadically if you create a camera group in the new app.

This is what you see on the Spotlight Cam device

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Change device handler in IDE to Doorbell Pro, and check how that works for you

Why is there two switches for Spotlight cam?

Good question. I have no idea. The top switch is for the light on the camera. The one below doesn’t seem to do anything.

I can change it to the Stickup Camera DT and I lose the ability to turn on/off the light. But this does give video feed from the camera.

The better option is to add all the cameras to a camera group. This seems to give you a live preview of all available cameras at the same time.

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