SmartThings hub fails to add Ring Spotlight camera

SmartThings will not add my Ring spotlight camera even though it is on the list of supported devices, how do I correct this and get it added to SmartThings ? SmartThings added my Ring doorbell and floodlight cameras. The spotlight camera is on the list of supported devices but SmartThings fails to add it after selection.

The hardwired camera, whose model number starts with 8SH, is compatible. The battery operated camera, whose model number starts with 8SB, is not compatible (it doesn’t support the polling that smartthings needs for the integration).

If it’s the hardwired model, check with support:

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Just received an email from Samsung customer support about the connectivity issues with not only the Ring spotlight camera but also the Ring indoor camera.

Apparently these two devices are newer Ring versions that Smartthings does NOT currently support and therefore cannot be added to Smartthings app. Samsung support claims that this issue will be corrected in the near future, but did not specify when that will happen.

So if you are like me trying to add these devices to Smartthings, you can stop trying until Samsung applies necessary upgrades to the app.

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were there ay updates to this? i have recently purchased the 8sh spotlight cameras (wired) cameras which are supposed to be integrate-able. has anyone managed to get them to integrate? apologies if i am supposed to answer questions vs open them on this thread (new to community site)

ring are now stating that they do not integrate with smartthings !