2020 Rundown: Ring Products and new V3 App?

These are Ring cameras I have and the device models per SmartThings. As far as model numbers on the devices themselves, I checked my inside cameras and they don’t have version numbers on them, just the names as you see below. All of these were purchased in July of last year.

Ring Doorbell Pro DeviceModel: lpd_v2 (This was called Video Doorbell Pro when I bought it)
Ring Floodlight Cam DeviceModel: hp_cam_v1
Ring Floodlight Cam DeviceModel: hp_cam_v2 (This is actually a wired Spotlight Camera)
Ring Stickup Cam Wired DeviceModel: stickup_cam_elite
Ring Stickup Cam Battery DeviceModel: stickup_cam_lunar

Through the new ST app, I am getting motion alerts for all of my Ring cameras, including my doorbell. I can select which alerts I want to receive via STHM for each of the settings Armed (away), Armed (stay), Disarmed. These do work, I use them every day.

When touching a notification on my iPhone, the “Intrusion detected” screen displays…

I can then select the notification, which takes me to the device’s screen with a still-shot of my camera’s view and an arrow that I can touch to activate live view. Under this still shot is a camera icon and an enlarge screen icon. Touching the camera icon pops up a message at the bottom that reads “screen captured”. It does capture the camera’s view and saves it in my photos on my phone.

When I touch the arrow button, the camera goes live and two more icons pop up under the picture window… a microphone icon (which does allow me to freak my neighbors’ cats out) and a speaker icon defaulted to mute. When I unmute it, I can hear what’s going on outside, usually just birds or crickets.

There is also a history listing at the bottom and if I touch “more”, it opens the “Activity history” screen where I can touch a calendar icon in the top right corner and select a particular day I want to see alerts for. Touching a particular alert does nothing at this time (maybe will eventually take you to the video for that alert???)

I have not found a way to control the sirens. My doorbell cam has a “button” control section, but it simply reads “Unknown” and you can’t do anything with it.

All the other cameras have a “power” control section with an ON toggle… this allows me to turn on the camera’s light. I have noticed that it doesn’t always seem to reflect the accurate state of the light though. For instance, this pic reflects that the light is ON, but it isn’t.

When I touch the toggle, it stays in the ON position and the light does come one. However, every time I have tried to toggle any of the camera lights off, it doesn’t work… I have to turn them off in the Ring app.

I recently put my cameras into camera groups. The app only let me put 4 cameras in a group, so I separated mine by Inside & Outside. When I touch either of these camera tiles, I see LIVE views of each one of my cameras, like this…

I do find it interesting that these “live” views of my back and front yards appear to show it snowing right now. It is definitely not snowing here, lol, so these feeds must be coming from Ring’s history somehow. Sadly, the garage always looks like that, so I don’t know if that is accurate or not.

Anyway, I hope this has helped.

EDIT: I do use motion from the doorbell camera, the floodlight camera and the spotlight camera in ST Smart Lighting automations to control various lights in and outside of my home. I also have the option to use motion from my stickup cams to control things, but I nix the power on those cameras when I get home. It does look like it is possible to use a stickup cam to control a floodlight cam… I haven’t tested it, but I’m thinking probably just the light itself and not any kind of motion-activation or video recording. You cannot, however, control a stickup cam at all, battery or hard-wired. I’m going to say most likely because these are just cameras, they do not have lights.


Great write up, thanks for all the detail! :trophy:

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I have definitely found that adding the Ring cameras to a Camera Group within the Samsung ST app greatly improves the overall integration.

The Group integration allows me to see all the camera at the same time, live, withing the ST app.

However! and this is a big however. The refresh rate of the cameras is VERY slow. Sometimes they just show up as “offline”. I know this isn’t an issue with my wifi because I can see all the cameras instantly on the Ring app. Therefore, this has to be an issue with how ST is pulling the data from Ring. For security reasons I’m not going post pics of my cameras put I will continue to add integration info as time goes on.


From my experience with Ring wired cam, battery cam and indoor cam. I can integrate all three with SmartThings but can only make indoor cam react to Home/Away automations because it is plugged into a SmartThings smart plug, but not sure how well it will actually work. The other cameras cannot be automated in this way.

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I have the Ring Doorbell Camera. The Ring Doorbell is not available as a ‘camera’ in SmartThings, but I can view the camera in SmartThings.

I’m using the SmartThings Smart Lighting app to turn on the outside lights when motion is triggered from the Ring Doorbell motion sensor.

I’m sure the Ring Doorbell button could be used as a SmartThings trigger as well, but I’m not using the Ring Doorbell button for anything in SmartThings.

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@Tim_Jones has confirmed in another thread that ring devices, at least some of them, now have a model number sticker and that there is a difference with the spotlight cam’s depending on which model you have.

That confirms with some other people have said in the past, although their devices did not have stickers.

I thought I’d been through this thread carefully enough to make an informed purchase :smiley:

I also found this link :


which suggests - 8SH2P7 is Hardwired Spotlight Cam but 8SH1P7 is actually Flood Light Camera with Siren !

If that’s true, this link is wrong - https://www.smartthings.com/gb/products/ring-spotlight-cam-wired as it says 8SH1P7 is Hardwired Spotlight Cam

My head hurts…

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So interesting… I just bought 4 new devices directly from Ring that were delivered over the weekend. 3 Floodlight Cams and 1 Spotlight Cam Mount (this is hardwired with a mount attachment.) There are stickers on the backs of them, but none have model numbers (or anything remotely close to the numbers mentioned by @Tim_Jones). The floodlight cams have SKU numbers, but the Spotlight Cam Mount does not. I’m in the US, that link @Tim_Jones shared leads to a UK website, so possibly another example of products being handled differently in different countries?

I haven’t hooked any of these new cameras up yet, but FWIW, I did notice in the IDE that the Spotlight Cam Wired I already have in the garage has been given the DT of “Ring Floodlight Cam”, which is the same DT given to my already connected (actual) floodlight cams. It appears that ST is currently treating them the same as they have the exact same controls in the new App, which makes sense since they actually do have the same features (my Spotlight Cam Wired does have a siren.) The only thing I can’t control on these devices is the siren and the sharing of videos… at least I haven’t found a way yet.

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I just searched google for the product numbers and happened to pick that page as it showed all the models with their model number. Searching again, I found


so maybe 8SH1P7 is the US model and 8SH2P7 is the non-US model ? (just a guess)

The label was on the rear (I’ve boxed it up to return it, so can’t take a photo) and was marked as the SKU with the trailing -BEU0 (I assume B is black, EU is err EU )

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Ahhh, yes… The SKU on my white floodlight cam is “8SF 1P7-WENO” , so there IS a number remotely close to the one you mentioned. :slight_smile:

WENO (W is white, EN is err ???)

At least we have color coding figured out. Haha!

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I wondered if EN was ENglish speaking ? Being what you (kinda) speak over there (and assuming they sell into Mexico too) but then the EU thing doesn’t jive for UK. I know I’ve not mistakenly been sent an EU model as the UK power plug is moulded to the cable (cuttting it off to run the cable invalidates the warranty apparently but I’d intended to do it anyway )

These are all the various Ring cams from the Lowe’s website, with model numbers. I left the item number to show that, although they are all different, many share the same model number:


Spotlight Cam Battery Battery-Operated Outdoor Security Camera WHITE
Item: #884375
Model: #8SB1S7-WEN0

Spotlight Cam Battery Battery-Operated Outdoor Security Camera BLACK
Item: #884376
Model: #8SB1S7-BEN0

Spotlight Cam Battery Battery-Operated Outdoor Certified Refurbished Security Camera WHITE
Item: #2486194
Model: #R8SBS7-WEN0

Spotlight Cam Battery Battery-Operated Outdoor Certified Refurbished Security Camera BLACK
Item #2486195
Model #R8SBS7-BEN0

Spotlight Cam Battery 2 Pack Battery-operated Outdoor Security Camera (2-Pack) WHITE
Item #1646285
Model #8X81X7-WEN0

Spotlight Cam Battery 2 Pack Battery-operated Outdoor Security Camera (2-Pack) BLACK
Item #1646286M
Model #8X81X7-BEN0


Spotlight Cam Wired Plug-in Outdoor Security Camera WHITE
Item: #920607
Model: #8SH1P7-WEN0

Spotlight Cam Wired Smart Outdoor Security Camera BLACK
Item: #920608
Model: #8SH1P7-BEN0

Spotlight Cam Wired Hardwired Outdoor Certified Refurbished Security Camera BLACK
Item #2486193
Model #R8SHP7-BEN0

Spotlight Cam Wired Hardwired Outdoor Certified Refurbished Security Camera WHITE
Item #2486192
Model #R8SHP7-WEN0


Spotlight Cam Mount Outdoor Security Camera WHITE
Item: #1646287
Model: #8SH5P7-WEN0

Spotlight Cam Mount Outdoor Security Camera BLACK
Item: #1646288
Model: #8SH5P7-BEN0


Floodlight Cam Black Hardwired Outdoor Security Camera
Item: #727005
Model: #88FL001CH000

Floodlight Cam White Smart Outdoor Security Camera
Item: #727004
Model: #8SF1P7-WEN0

Floodlight Cam Black Hardwired Outdoor Certified Refurbished Security Camera
Item #2486191
Model #R8SFP7-BEN0


New Stick Up Cam Plug-In Indoor Security Camera WHITE
Item: #888332
Model: #8SW1S9-WEN0

Indoor Cam Plug-in Indoor Security Camera WHITE
Item: #1501834
Model: #8SN1S9-WEN0

New Stick Up Cam Battery Indoor Security Camera WHITE
Item: #1501835
Model: #8SC1S9-WEN0

Stick Up Cam Elite- Black Indoor Security Camera
Item: #1802359
Model: #8SSPE8-BEN0

Stick Up Cam Wired- White Indoor Security Camera
Item: #1802360
Model: #8SSPE8-WEN0

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I decided to try Ring support. I was pleasantly surprised to get through to a human quite quickly…and I explained the issue. They’d never heard of Smarthings but when I explained, they said “sounds like a hub…” but pretty quickly they shut me down with the “Sounds like Samsung’s problem - call them” response. I thought the integrations were supported by the individual vendors… Changing tack, I asked them what they thought the model number of the spotlight cam wired was but they didn’t seem to know about model numbers. I guess I could try ST support but suspect I’ll get the ‘Best call Ring’ response…

I assume, this being a cloud integration, that it’s theoretical fixable by a cloud update ? (like how ST adds new vendors)

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That’s true for any new integrations that were added beginning in late 2019.

The ring integration was created prior to that, and was created by smartthings. (Basically if it was an official integration in the classic app, then it was probably created by smartthings.)

This may indeed be part of the problem now – – that smartthings isn’t intending to update the old integration for new models and Ring hasn’t committed to taking over the integration yet. But I’m totally just guessing on that.

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Anyone managed to use the stick up camera via smarthings?

Yes, I’ve had a stick up cam wired and a stick up cam battery integrated with ST for almost a year now. They can be used by STHM for motion-monitoring and in automations as both conditions and actions.

How? When I try to add the camera to ST and give permission from RING, the ST APP system I dont have any supported devices…

I have 2 stick battery cam and Im from Italy…
The cams are working perfectly via ring app, but It would be fine using them via ST…

I am in the US, so maybe supported here but not there?
Also, if I remember correctly, I set mine up using the OLD SmartThings IOS app.

FWIW, I have a newer Ring Spotlight Cam Mount that I can’t seem to get integrated with ST (using the new app nor the old app), despite the fact that I already have an existing Ring Spotlight Cam Wired set up and working. These are similar, but for whatever reason, ST sees them differently. I know there are newer Stick Up cams out now, smaller versions than the ones I have… so, if yours are the newer models, possibly they are not supported yet.

My guess (based on my experience last month) is that some of the model numbers have changed slightly and the integration doesn’t recognize them

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I’ll be honest: i’ve given up trying to figure out in advance whether any particular ring device will work through the SmartThings integration or not. I’ve spoken with both ring support and smartthings support and nobody has a list that I can find. It seems to just be a matter of try, and if it doesn’t work, support will say “not all models are supported.“

sometimes, but not always, you can trick it by changing the DTH to one that is supported, but you just have to try it and see.

Very unsatisfying, but it is what it is. :disappointed_relieved: