Ring adds three connected Spotlight Cams

(jkp) #1

(Ed) #2

Here is the tweet I received from Ring in regard to ST integration:

Ring Floodlight Cam
(Dominick Barile) #3

My motion light outside I think is desd. Is this a good buy? If I have to wait for smartthings integration I don’t mind.

(John) #4

I’m very happy with mine.
Integration with the Echo Show via Ring skill is pretty cool too. Can call up the floodlight and doorbell via Alexa command.
Edit: Hmm, thought this was in regards to the FloodLight Cam. Not yet sure about the SPOTLight Cam devices. :slight_smile:

(Kirk Hilzinger) #5

Bump. August 30th and still no integration between SmartThings and the Ring Floodlight Cam.

(Ken Hopkins) #6

Sept 28, 2017 and still waiting for the integration between ST and Ring Floodlight Cam.

(Chris Rose) #7

Oct 18, 2017 and still waiting…

(Mark Hochstein) #8

Nov 5, 2017 and still waiting…

(Mark) #9

November 18 and still waiting (with credit card in hand)…

(Ram) #10

Is there any update on this integration?


wow still waiting, seems like a simple integration, has to use the same code under the hood as the doorbells.

(Michael Zapata) #12

I am putting an addition on my house and looking to add three flood light cameras while I am doing the work. I have been smartthinging the heck of out the inside during the renovation there as well and have a ring doorbell. Based on the groups experience, do I move on and get something else I can integrate as a camera floodlight? If so, any recommendations or do I just go with motion floods and separate cameras?

(Ed) #13

Latest tweet I received on December 6th below. I’d recommend for more folks to reach out directly to them to demonstrate there is high interest.

(Marc) #14

Ring is now shipping these Spotlight Cams with outdoor mounts that can be hardwired to existing light structures similar to how their Floodlight cams work. I am very happy with my Floodlight cams and Doorbell and am considering adding this Spotlight cam to my patio. I am not in love how they look aestically compared to a Kuna, but I really want to avoid additional cloud storage fees and yet another camera app and this is a location I currently have no camera coverage in.

Does anyone use the Ring Spotlight as a replacement for a patio light mounted at about 6 feet high? Is it too bright?

(Kirk Hilzinger) #15

I will look at getting one once SmartThings and Ring get their act together and get them working in SmartThings.

(Brad V) #16

In response to Mbhforum: I just installed two spotlight mount cams. On for the driveway and one for the back deck. The lights are bright if you look at them, but very similar to the LED flood light I have out there. Grabbed a picture to try and show you.

(Marc) #17

Thanks. Considering my patio table would be one a few away from the light, I am thinking it will be too bright…

(Ken Hopkins) #18

My eyes hurt from being “peeled” for so long. blogger-image--1895821609

Such a no-brainer to port the code from RingVDBPro to RingFLC. Still waiting…


Indeed, that was me mentioned in the previous tweet and I agree we should continue to pester SmartThings and Ring on this, it’s becoming ridiculous now!

(Chris Ayres) #20

I have a significant investment in both RING and Smartthings and I am very let down at the lack of visibility around bringing these two systems together. I bought into smartthings as the smart integration technology and so far it is left somewhat wanting. It is clearly in the interest of all these device manufacturers to work together as it is a key selling point for each of their products as many people make purchasing decisions on integration. So please lets have a sensible ETA for this. When I mean integration I mean for all RING cams not just floodlight as there are stick up etc as well.