Ring Protect Keypad

The attractive feature of the Ring Protect Keypad is the 30-second delay to use as a security touchpad to set before exiting the house. It’s a feature that many have wanted for a long time and would go a long way to making the SmartThings system “work” better for my wife (and others entering/exiting my home) without the SmartThings app connected to my system.

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Has anyone been sucessful at making ANY of the keypads work with a delay function reliably, while still having a PIN of some kind required to operate? That is what SmartThings is missing in the “lineup” of available products.

Yes, but we’re getting pretty off-topic for this particular thread. Just go to the other link that I posted above, then go to the threads that have the device type handlers and you can talk to the people who have those devices and ask about delays. There are several ways that people are implementing delays, but ask there and they’ll be glad to explain.

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I agree 100%. It seems very odd to me that there still isn’t an officially compatible keypad and separately that smart Home Monitor doesn’t include entrance/exit delays. Both are very useful. But that question has been raised for two years, including in forum conversations with the company CEO, and for whatever reasons it just doesn’t seem to be a priority. :disappointed_relieved:


The keypad situation is the reason I installed Abode a few weeks ago. For anyone else wanting a keypad and considering adding a separate system alongside ST, here are my immediate thoughts after using Abode a few weeks compared to simply adding a keypad to ST/SHM:

Abode PROS:

  • Has been 100% reliable in detecting presence (vs occasional failures on ST/SHM)
  • Supports guest PIN’s
  • Cellular Backup available
  • Short Term professional Monitoring available (3-day and 7-day)
  • Keypad is wireless, but batteries last many years
  • Proper entry/exit delays with beeps
  • Phone alarms use a distinct sound instead of normal ringtone
  • BONUS: I was able to solder existing wired sensors into wireless door sensors

Abode CONS:

  • $300 system plus $80 for keypad
  • Cellular backup is $10/month vs $5/month for Nest Secure
  • Armed status on keypad is not instantly intuitive for guests/nannies

So it was a little expensive, but there were many benefits besides just a keypad. Nest Secure and Ring Protect both seem to require an AC adapter for their keypad which would not work for my front door. I have not found info on whether Ring Protect supports geo-fencing and cellular backup. On the other hand, both of those keypads have intuitive status indicators.

(Regarding the reliability of presence in ST: As many others have said, it’ll incorrectly show people as Away/Home or it’ll show everyone’s presence correctly but fail to arm/disarm (very uncool because siren is in master bedroom!). Problem seems to be no immediate or ongoing verification of modes and routines, otherwise it would correct itself eventually. By comparison, CoRE can be used to periodically check if the Modes are out of whack)

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Try the SHM Delay app in conjunction with the Lock Manager app

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Here’s the thing though, any custom code run exclusively in the cloud, meaning any network issues render the keypad useless.

Having a keypad with delays native to it (ie, the Ring one) means that it’s more likely that the code will all be executed on the hub itself (provided ST/Ring allow that to be part of the API that is eventually integrated into ST).

Since the current official Ring integration doesn’t run locally, there’s no reason to think that a new ring device integration would run locally either.

Right now, the only code that runs locally are some specific stock device type handlers which are distributed to all customers in the hub’s firmware. Everything else runs in the cloud, even official integrations.



Usually the alarm system has the delays, the keypad is just another hardware device. Sometimes the keypad is built into the main system control panel. To date no keypads are supported by Smartthings and any community supported devices are always in the cloud.

The forthcoming ADT/Smartthings and Ring systems will likely have local keypads specific to those systems. The abilility to use these keypads as ST Devices while connected to their base system is unknown, but I’m feeling the chances are slim to none. However, it may be possible to connect a Ring Keypad directly to ST if someone can develop a Device Handler.

Take a look at my Modefix smartapp

When talking about a keypad, why does it seem most people assume the usage will be for door openings or need for weatherproofing? Really looking for an indoor control keypad that can turn on/off the SmartThings Home Monitor with code entry to enable/disable keypad access. Additional benefits of running automations/routines to turn lights on/off would be a plus, but not 100% necessary.

As people have stated previously, the true limitation seems to be with SmartThings itself not supporting the delay function natively. Beyond that, however - there are no “officially” supported keypads. Only these device handler style adaptations, which truthfully I cannot show my wife how to setup and/or troubleshoot - therefore she will not be interested.

Looking for a less expensive monitored w/ backup cellular plan, hoping this one will deliver.

Personally, I’m still wary of tying physical security devices sec system, garage door, door locks) into Smartthings, but I know that opinion may be the minority here.

Has anyone tried to connect a Ring Keypad to SmartThings? I decided to try it but didn’t have any success. Here’s what Ring support had to say:


Still no one had any succes with this?

I just got a ring keypad from a friend and am trying to get it to work too.
I have tried the CentraLite Keypad DTH but that wont work, and I cant find any others to try.
I have gotten a bunch of data using Z-Wave Tweaker but I am not well versed enough in writing DTH to figure it out.
If anyone wants to help, I can post the logs from Z-wave Tweaker.

General Information:
Device Name: RING KEYPAD
Raw Description: zw:Fs type:400B mfr:0346 prod:0101 model:0201 ver:0.00 zwv:0.00 lib:00 cc:5E,55,98,9F sec:86,85,59,72,80,70,6F,87,71,5A,6C,73,7A role:07 ff:A001 ui:A001
Security: Device is paired securely.
=> Command classes supported with security encapsulation: [ASSOCIATION_GRP_INFO (0x59), DEVICE_RESET_LOCALLY (0x5A), SUPERVISION (0x6C), ENTRY_CONTROL (0x6F), CONFIGURATION (0x70), NOTIFICATION (0x71), MANUFACTURER_SPECIFIC (0x72), POWERLEVEL (0x73), FIRMWARE_UPDATE_MD (0x7A), BATTERY (0x80), ASSOCIATION (0x85), VERSION (0x86), INDICATOR (0x87)]
=> Command classes supported for CONTROL with security encapsulation:
Manufacturer ID: null
Manufacturer Name: null
Product Type ID: null
Product ID: null
Firmware Metadata: Firmware ID: 0301, Checksum: 7CFE
Application (Firmware) Version: 2.07
Z-Wave Protocol Version: 6.03
Z-Wave Library Type: 03 (Enhanced Slave)
Powerlevel: null
Protection Mode: [ Local: null (null), RF: null (null) ]
Switch_All Mode: null (null)

The centralite keypad is a zigbee device, it’s not speaking the same language as a Z wave device like the ring keypad, so that won’t ever work.

It should work as a Z wave keypad, but someone will have to write a custom device type handler for it.

I don’t know if @rboy is planning on doing one or not.

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This keypad like you said won’t work with the Enhanced Keypad ZigBee DTH since it’s Z-Wave but neither will it work with the Enhanced Z-Wave Keypad DTH since it doesn’t use the same command classes like the Popp keypad.

This one uses a whole different set of classes from lock keypads. To make this more interesting, the current ST API’s don’t support all the core command classes used by this device to communicate so it would require a custom ground up build of the DTH to create a custom command class parser and then handle the communication.

It’s completely possible, just need some time and the hardware. If enough folks want it be happy to do it.

BTW, This keypad costs about $40-$50. You can get a ZigBee keypad thats smaller in size and costs about $15-$30. It seems to have a 104dB built in Alarm like the IRIS v3 with a 105dB alarm while the IRIS v2 has a 85dB. Both the Z-Wave and ZigBee keypads run on batteries for about the same life (the Z-Wave has an optional A/C adapter). Am I missing a feature?

I know @rboy knows this, but for others who may not…

In the US, 80-85 dB is the recommended sound level for a doorbell. 85 dB is considered The maximum “loud“ noise level babies and children can hear multiple times a day without hearing damage.

86 to 105 dB is considered “siren” range, and is legal in most US jurisdictions for things like smoke alarms or pool alarms or intruder alerts, But is often limited to 1 or 2 minutes maximum for a continuous sound.

Louder than that is illegal without a permit in many places. Remember, it’s not just a burglar who may be exposed to it: it’s also first responders, neighbors, etc.


I have 3 ring keypads and one Iris keypad, would love to be able to easily integrate the 3 ring keypads into Smart Monitor, then ditch the iris, and place the 3 keypads near several doors. So, count me as someone who would use this DTH.

I was hoping that homebridge would be the key to getting these keypads into ST, but it looks like it’s just for getting Ring’s stuff seen in Apple HomeKit.

Plus, the Ring keypads talk and stuff, which is nifty, and are rechargeable. And they look kinda cool.

If you have Gen-2 keypad, you can use this integration now:

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