Ring Video Pro 179.99 (199.99 -10% coupon)


Shipping from Lowes Wicker Park, IL 2 in stock $199.20 Yes

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10% off codes

These are also available from a community member for $185 w\free shipping and no tax.

(Realy Living Dream) #2

So your posting that they are regular price but if you use one of the 10% off codes you can save the same 10% as every other day ,but should click on your TCB or Ebate link first so you can earn a referral bonus.

So exactly what is the " deal" here for anybody but you ?


It list as $250 at Lowes. on sale for 199.99. $50 off is a sale price. another $20 is even better. What’s your problem with my links? You really need to check your self before you start blasting people again.
Or post a badge to let us know you are the official forum police so I can have you check my message before I post them.

(Ron Talley) #4

Well this went South rather quickly! :joy:

(Ted) #5

And what is the problem with referral links? Is it cheaper than in store? Yes. If i save money, i don’t see any issues with somebody making referral fee on me.

(Realy Living Dream) #6

It wasn’t the referral links, it was that they are not even “on sale”. The only savings is the 10% off coupon which is good on anything not just the Ring Pro and the cash back from TCB or Ebates. AWD has ( had ? ) a bunch for $183 yesterday. It isn’t a “deal” on this item in my opinion if the only savings is using the coupon code that we " all" use on every Lowe’s online purchase.


I still don’t get you. 99%+ of the Lowes stores sell this item for $249.99. At the time of posting there were 11 stores selling it at $199.99 and as mentioned only one store had shipping available. Yes the coupons can be used on anything. $70 off $250 is a good deal to me. Not as good as some, but there are not a lot that I’m seeing.

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