Ring Doorbell Pro sale $185.40 + s/h

Amazon still shows my order as " preparing for shipment", delivery by 11/10. I got a UPS shipment notice that I have something coming from Amazon for delivery on 11/09 ( updated originally scheduled for 11/10 ) . I don’t have any other open orders. UPS shows the weight at 1.4lbs. I can’t believe 2 Ring pro. 2 NestCam & 2 nest outdoor only weight 1 lb.

I’m signed up for those UPS shipping notices too. I never got any kind of UPS email notice for this Ring doorbell deal. Maybe that should of been my first clue. According to “my orders” on my Amazon, it was a UPS delivery weighing 3 pounds for just the doorbell delivered on the front porch 1000 miles from my house. Using the UPS website & plugging in the Amazon provided tracking number shows the same thing.

Best price I found plus 5 dollars off if you are a new subscriber.


I cancelled the order within thirty minutes (wife decided she didn’t want
the door bell).
Email bounced when i tried to cancel. In the evening I chatted with Amazon
and asked them to cancel it before it shipped out, and they cancelled it
right away. They told me that their emails to the seller also bounced with
an email domain error. Certainly sounds like there is something shady with
that seller.

I need another Ring Pro. Did anyone find any discounts?