RING DOORBELL PRO: Person arriving at door can hear OUR "activity" through speaker before ringing bell

We have had the Ring Doorbell Pro for several months and fortunately have not had any problems with it, except for an issue I only recently discovered. (It’s probably not an “issue”…just me being lame…which is always possible…lol!). :grinning:

Anyway, I realized that when a visitor comes to the door…before they even ring the doorbell, but after the motion alert is triggered…that they can hear us through the speaker…whatever noise is going on around us, ie a radio playing, etc. HOW do I stop that???

Thanks for your help! :smile:

@josunshine92 How can that happen? Do you have the Ring app always up and running? The app is the only way I know of that can let 2 way communication happen.

I’m sure that’s very unsettling. :disappointed_relieved: Contact ring support, they should be able to help. It wouldn’t have anything to do with SmartThings.


That sounds like you have a mobile device automatically answering the motion alert and starting a live view. I have an issue where my phone does this if it’s connected to my handsfree Bluetooth in my Nissan and motion is detected by Ring while the app is already active. Perhaps you have a device that often has the Ring app running and BT connected to something? I’m not sure if this happens simply by already having the Ring app open regardless of Bluetooth…

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