Ring doorbell motion detection setting off SmartThings multisensor

So I just installed a Ring doorbell (on the actual door). When it detects motion, it’s been falsely triggering by Smartthings multisensor that is near that door.

Anyone experience similar? Maybe some type of signal interference or something?

Very unlikely, the ring is using a Wi-Fi signal which is much stronger than multisensor. So while the ring might interfere with the multisensor , it shouldn’t happen the other way around.

More likely you’re just getting false alerts on the ring because people do get false alerts on devices of this type. You could try taking the battery out of the multi sensor for a day or two, and I’ll bet you get exactly the same amount of false alerts.

I would Just start troubleshooting the ring using their recommendations for what to do when you’re getting false alerts. :sunglasses:

Ring or Ring Pro?