When ring doorbell is pushed, turn on lamp for a few minutes

Using STSC, I had an automation that, when the ring doorbell was pressed, it turns on a lamp, sets the color to green, and shuts it off in a few minutes. I used “automation” (not smart lighting app), for that.

I’ve been reconfiguring, got a new LED bulb, and reconnected Ring to smartThings. Now when I create an automation the same way, I when I get to the “if” part, I don’t have an option for when the doorbell is pressed. I have time, device status, member location and location mode. Under device status, I can select the doorbell and “motion detected”, but nothing for the button.

If I use the smart lighting app, I can respond to the button push, but then I can’t do the automatic shutoff.

I know I could do this with webcoRE. But do you know why the “automation” route doesn’t work anymore? Is this just a case of the Ring app changing and eliminating the button push event?

In the Smart Lighting SmartApp, you can select also turn off after motion stops and after x minutes. I’d imagine it’d be the same for the button press.

Edit: I just tried changing the trigger to the button press and it doesn’t give you the option for the turn off after x time. Sorry, man. Without using webcore to execute the wait command, I can’t think of any way of doing it.

It’s strange… automation supports doorbell -> motion, but not doorbell->pressed. I shouldn’t have disconnected Ring in the first place, I guess!

It really is unfortunate and probably just an oversight. I would certainly submit a ticket about it and hopefully it can be addressed.

This would be an issue with Ring’s implementation, right? So a ticket to Ring, you mean.