Odd False Alarms I'm getting

I have two sensors on one of my garage doors. I have both of these sensors linked to the “SmartAlarm” and “Notify Me When” automation applications. Several times a day I get notified that the garage door has been opened by these automation apps even though they haven’t. The odd part with this, even though I get notified by SMS Text about this false occurrences, when I look at the “NOTIFICATIONS” within the mobile app (both Messages and Activity Feed), these occurrences are not listed. Not long ago I changed the contact sensor from a Samsung Multipurpose sensor to a Monoprice Z wave contact sensor due to this problem but it’s still happening. Short of removing these sensors from the Automation apps, is there something else going on or any suggestion to resolve this? Thanks

In case anyone is wondering… the reason i have two sensors is because there have been times when we go to bed and although the garage door is closed, we wanted to be alerted if the door was unlocked.

I have been having false alarms (lights triggered by motion) in the last couple days. I am curious if anyone else responds.

I had a couple of false alarms on Saturday and Sunday. 4 times from one Motion Sensor but always the same sensor. And one time I got a false alarm from my garage door opener. Currently it works stable again. Thought it depended on the instability we saw over the last weekend.

I’ve got the gremlins in my house big time, my multi sensors are stuck between not reporting actual movements and reporting movements that haven’t actually occurred. Symptoms started at the weekend when all my zigbee devices simulateously went dark. I’m also having devices inexplicably disappear from the smartthings app.

I have a ticket open but we don’t seem to be getting far with it.